Switzerland: The hunt in the canton of Zurich will be finally abolished in its present form.

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The hunt in the canton of Zurich will be finally abolished in its present form.

The city of Zurich, including the forests, are already wild sanctuaries and are cared for by game wardens. This successful model is now to be extended to the entire canton of Zurich.

For this, the Swiss Animal Party (TPS) submitted through a popular initiative more than 7,300 votes in a petition for the request on Tuesday, 18 July 2017.

In future, only professionally trained gamekeepers will be used. This called by the cantonal popular initiative: “gamekeeper instead of hunters“!

The canton of Zurich is to introduce “a nationwide wildlife management system with professionally trained gamekeepers”, which replaces the amateur hunter risk group.

The focus should be on the natural regulation of the wildlife population. In the case of sick or injured wild animals, only gamekeepers employed by the canton are allowed to intervene.

Reasons for Wild Guardians:

1. Canton wildlife management, carried out by professionally trained gamekeepers, leads to a better quality of life for humans and animals in the densely populated canton of Zurich, as animal and plant diversity is promoted in the longer term (biodiversity) and nature experiences such as wild animal observations are made increasingly possible.

The hunt has made diurnal animals such as boars, foxes or deer nocturnal. That is why most wildlife accidents occur in the dark.


  1. Experience has shown that animals living in a hunting-free area lose a large part of this forced, unnatural shyness and thus increasingly spend their nightly activities in the day again.

  1. By hunting the wild animals their fertility (birth rate) increases, as they reproduce faster by the hunting pressure and the decimation of their species.

This inevitably leads to an undesired increase. However, the hunting community identifies precisely this artificially generated increase in wildlife populations as legitimating hunting regulation.


  1. In the canton of Geneva hobby hunting was already replaced by a modern game management in 1974, which proved to be very successful. Should it nevertheless be necessary to intervene, this must be done exclusively by professionally trained gamekeepers.

  1. In addition, the introduction of cantonal wildlife management will mean that there will no longer be hunting accidents in the future. Even pets such as dogs and cats are no longer killed by mistake and the safety of recreational activities in the forest recreation area is guaranteed.

  1. It is much better for all parties without the dangerous hobby hunting. The canton of Geneva also implements the animal protection law with its professional game wardens. In Geneva, serious wildlife management does not even cost taxpayers a cup of coffee a year.

The long list of reasons ends with the following summary:

The hunt is not in the interests of society, nature and the cultural landscape but only in the interest of hunting, legally killing wildlife for no real reason.


My comment to this case:

I have great confidence in the Swiss that they manage to get rid of the hunt. And not only in Zurich, but in the whole country.
Unfortunately, it does not look good with the German hunt.

Because we allow a tiny minority (2% of the society), to terrorize other 80 million people and to kill senseless in the forest.  We owe that to a corrupt system and an inactive people.

Best regards to all






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