Serbia: Is ‘Rabies’ Currently being used as an Excuse by the Government to Slaughter Thousands of Stray Dogs and Wild Species ?


Is the Serbian government now attempting to use old outdated legislation to justify the mass killing of wild and stray animals ?

Is the Serbian government now attempting to stay friends with the hunters by allowing this mass killing of rabid animals ?

Is the Serbian government reporting this disease outbreak to the World Animal Health Organisation ? – apparently ‘NO’.

We have been informed via our contacts that the Director of the Veterinary Department of the Ministry of Agriculture is allegedly demanding that action is taken against animals with Rabies.

We consider this is an excuse by the government to allow thousands of stray and wild animals to be slaughtered – a very easy way out for the Serbian government to eliminate thousands of possibly un-infected strays which they would have to otherwise care for under existing Serbian legislation.

We have a very strong feeling that old and outdated laws, based around the time when nations formed ‘Yugoslavia’ are still trying to be used by the government to justify this alleged slaughter.

Nothing has been posted on the OIE (World Animal Health) web site to say that there is any rabies ‘problem’ within the last weeks in Serbia

The OIE rabies data is updated every week.  Serbia is a member of the OIE and if this is true, which we very much doubt, then data and information / evidence should have been given by the Serbian government to the OIE.

We will now be following up this report to ask the OIE if they have had any formal information supplied to them by Serbia and also to express our concerns at what is being allegedly done to animals as a result. 

More info and news on this to come in the near future.

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