EU Member State Animal ‘Abuse’ Album Series – Part 1 – GREECE

How the EU Protects its Animals:

– or why  there is complete and utter justification for EU legislation to PROTECT Stray and Pet animals.


Atrocities in Greece:

Dog shot in the face with buck shot (euthanized; Nea Efesos);

Dead falcon displayed on car (Katerini);

Dog kept in rabbit cage;

Cat dragged behind a car, burned and hung on a tree (Athens);

Dogs hung on a tree (Crete);

Fox hung up on a road sign (still warm when found; Lesbos);

Dog found near motorway (euthanized; Patros);

Dog initially saved from shooting and poisoning, only to be burned to death with acid (euthanized; Mytilini);

Dog found tied to post to die, unable to move or lie down (Karditsa);

Dog found with leg shot away (survived);

Dog with severe leg injury, possibly shot (unknown if survived; Karditsa);

Dead dog, possibly also shot;

Link to source page:

 Thinking of holidays in ‘civilised’ Greece this year ?

take our advice; dont; boycott and go somewhere else.

And EU; lets see the stray and pet animals legislation.

Watch this space –  More pictures to come soon from another EU member state.

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