Serbia: Subotica City Public Tender – Update 09/06/10.

As many of you will be aware, the application by public competition for the control of stray animals in Subotica City will be opening on 12/06/10.

The main reason that this site has not been updated for days now is that we have been attempting to gather support to our ‘no kill’ programme for Subotica city from other major animal welfare organisations.

Until now, a lot of time and effort has been put into this.  This is not a ‘visible’ effort to those who visit the SAV site, but it is something which has taken a massive amount of our time during the past week especially.

Soon we will be providing more of an update on the situation as it currently stands; but as a generalisation, we could say that now that things could be looking better !

Tonight – 09/06/10, we have been dealt some rather negative news about all of this.  At the moment, we are unsure what to do next and if there is any further way forward without the major support of a large animal welfare organisation to support us in putting in a bid.

On 12/07/10 the public competition for Subotica strays will close, and so we have one month in which to find a supporter to our programme and in which to work with Serbian campaigners to prepare a bid pack / proposal for this competition.

Who knows what will happen ? – we certainly do not.  Today has not really given us the result we were hoping for and so things are once again all up in the air as regard a way forward.

A further update will be produced and issued soon once we have communicated with Serbian campaigners to clarify a few issues.

We will attempt to put a few posts relating to other things on the site over the coming days, but please stick with us and know that at the moment, we are giving our all in attempting to get something together that will make a difference for the animals in Subotica City.

Finally, many of you are leaving comments about the terrible situation at Loznica; thanks for all of those.  Today I have had a mail from a group in Loznica who are working very hard to expose what is happening there.  They have sent me their web site info and you can access it at the following, complete with a short video caption on the suffering at the city pound / shelter.

 The link to the site is:

Loznica – a horror and scare house 



You can select English language under the ‘Home’ tab located at the top.

A site worth visiting ! – you can also leave messages of support on the guestbook.

More updates on our Subotica issue to come soon.

Thanks and regards

Mark – SAV (England) Uk.