EXTREMELY URGENT– Portugal: 30 dogs on death row have only a few days left– PLEASE HELP THEM ASAP by reading the very urgent appeal below. Please also see attached photos and details of all the dogs needing to be saved.

Please crosspost this appeal to all your Portugal and Eurpoean contacts and rescues for help asap:

Hunde in Tötung in Beja-Portugal-DRINGEND Plaetze gesucht-alle Tiere

dogs in the camara-infos-orig

Contacts if you can help

Gabi Schollenberg
Birgitt Krauss

Any rescue centres that kindly offer help please meet the following criteria:




Please help to save these precious lives before it’s too late!

Thank you for your support in saving lives

SWAP team UK

Every life counts from across the globe

Uk: GREYTexploitations – An Invitation to Join Our Global Forum and be a Voice Against Greyhound Racing / Abuse Everywhere








An Invitation to Join the ‘Greyt Exploitations’ Forum in the UK. 

Everyone all over the globe please join if you care about the plight of the racing Greyhound.

Please see their good work here- 

Please see the important appeal below from ‘Greyt Exploitations’ and click on the link below to join the worldwide forum and be a voice for the voiceless. 

“The forum hopes to encourage lovers of Greyhounds to exchange knowledge, cultural beliefs and opinions in a friendly and informal environment”.  

Many thanks
Greyhound Crusaders/SWAP team UK 

Please forward and cross post ~ thank you

~ An Invitation to Join Our Forum ~

Please click here to register


A number of recent articles in both the national and local media exposing the cruel aspects of greyhound racing has fuelled heated online debates with owners and trainers attempting to protect the image of their ‘sport’.

Unable to disprove the overwhelming evidence of the inherent cruelty and to divert attention away from the real issues of welfare, many supporters of greyhound racing have knowingly made false claims and shamefully lied, endeavouring to discredit greyhound protection groups.

Unsubstantiated accusations such as, “there have been the odd atrocities committed by several antis, especially those which have included acts of physical abuse on members of the public at entrances to certain greyhound stadia” has only served to highlight the industry’s inability to defend their cruelty.

Moreover, a statement claiming “anti-greyhound groups are no more than small scale terrorist groups many are on police watch lists and have been arrested for crimes including assault, bomb-making etc” must surely have been made in desperation when faced with the damning indisputable evidence against the industry.

Within the confines and safety of pro racing forums, the malicious verbal attacks on greyhound protection groups are far worse.

A topic started in ‘Memory of Valentina’ on Kamas Cave RGT forum prompted a swift ban of the poster, leaving the thread open to discussion, further inviting comments from those in support of the industry.

Without showing any level of compassion for Valentina and in a disgusting attempt to justify the ban – an owner of racing greyhounds who also runs a greyhound rescue stated “Am sure you’re aware of ‘dirty tricks’ and it is rumoured that certain extremist anti-racing groups are now using dead greyhounds and cutting off their ears then dumping them in the hope they’ll be found and used against the sport”

Greyhoundscene – a pro racing forum – administrated by Dave Smith tops the charts for silencing the ‘greyhounds voice’ by ridiculing those who show concern for the greyhound’s welfare and banning forum members for daring to question his integrity.

At every opportunity Mr Smith will publicly claim greyhound protection groups are nothing more than a scam – using the plight of the greyhounds to emotionally blackmail the public into parting with their money.

How bizarre then that Mr Smith in 1997 made the front page of the Sun newspaper for conning – amongst many others – Cambridge United football team he was in a position to takeover the club – using his 12 year old son as an accomplice.

To this day Mr Smith, or Mr Scamalot as the Sun nicknamed him, frequently places himself in a position of authority, qualifying himself to speak on behalf of thousands of owners and trainers, by publicly claiming “I am the admin of the world’s largest greyhound forum (7000 members)” and invites readers to “take a look at how caring our members are”

Needless to say – Mr Smith fails to mention the forum is run in association with his highly commercial business of buying and selling racing greyhounds and arranging cheap and ‘cost effective’ syndicates.

To read the Independent article and view the video of Mr Smith gleefully boasting of his scams, please accept this invitation to join ‘Our Forum’, where once registered and authorised you will have access to the lounge area called the ‘Greyhound Grapevine’ and all the latest news as it happens.

The forum hopes to encourage lovers of greyhounds to exchange knowledge, cultural beliefs and opinions in a friendly and informal environment.

Please click here to register

Australia: Petition to the Australian Government to Ban Sending Greyhounds to Asia





Please Crosspost.

Forwarded mail:

Subject: Please sign. Very important.

Please go to this link and sign the petition to the Australian government
to ban sending greyhounds to Asia.

In Asia they are very poorly treated and end up in vivesection labs or as food.

Please send   this request on after signing.

Petition link:

Thank you.

 Pat Getz
 Greyhound Protection League
 Greyhounds are just dying to entertain you….




Sweden: Rabbit Bodies ‘used as heating fuel’

Rabbit bodies ‘used as heating fuel’ in Sweden

Created 3:13 PM on 13th October 2009

Swedish people have discovered a grim new way of culling nuisance wild rabbits – by burning them in their thousands to heat their homes.

Animal rights activists have launched a furious attack against the practice, claiming that domestic pets are also being rounded up, shot and incinerated.

Anna Johannesson, from the Society for the Protection of Wild Rabbits, said: ‘Those who support the culling of rabbits think it’s good to use the bodies for a good cause.

Cull: Last year six thousand rabbits were shot in Stockholm and their carcasses used to heat people’s homes (file picture)

‘But it feels like the power company is trying to turn the animals into an industry rather than look at the main problem.’

The targeted rabbits are the unwanted inhabitants of capital Stockholm’s parks, which are culled to protect the shrubs and trees which they gorge on.

Many of them are domestic pets released by uncaring owners which then go on to breed.

Six thousand were killed last year, frozen and their cadavers sent to a special heating plant in Karlskoga, central Sweden.

Animal rights activists are calling for alternative solutions to reducing the population.

Mrs Johannesson told newspaper Vårt Kungsholmen: ‘We want to see them start looking at other solutions for the rabbits.

‘Helsinki in Finland sprays the plants to make them unappetising and they have also set up a system of shelters for animals to be donated to.

‘They have come much further along than us.’

Read more:

USA: Petition – Bang, Bang ! – FLORIDA Children Ages 8 to 16 Recruited to Shoot Pigs to Death – ? is that all they will shoot ?

Just when we think we’ve seen the worst, then this…….. .

From: Jeramie Dreyfuss
Sent: Monday, June 28, 2010 10:30 PM
Subject: FLORIDA Children ages 8 to 16 recruited to shoot pigs to death

Jeramie Dreyfuss has sent you an invitation to sign the petition “FLORIDA Children ages 8 to 16 recruited to shoot pigs to death” on

Click the link below to view the petition.

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SAV Comment

Animal issues aside, the thought of an 8 year old child being let loose with a loaded gun in the vicinity of other children doing the same is …………… well just mind boggling dangerous !!