Japan: Beautiful Intelligent Dolphin Doing ‘Tricks’ for a Brain Dead Human Audience Leaps Out of Tank in Desperation.







Pchan whale named Kuru

(video)  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZVBLqzxenoE&feature=player_embedded

This startling footage shows the dramatic moment a dolphin suddenly leapt out of its tank in a desperate bid to escape captivity.

The dolphin, a species known as the false killer whale, had been taking part in a marine show at Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium in southwestern Japan when it jumped on to the floor near its tank.

A U.S. tourist who was among spectators at the event shot the video footage and sent it to the former dolphin trainer for the ‘Flipper’ TV show.

Shock: The false killer whale, a species of dolphin, leapt out of its tank during a marine show at the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium in southwestern Japan

Ric O’Barry, 70, who now makes a career out of freeing dolphins, said the video highlights the cruelty the animals suffer while in captivity.

The footage shows the stricken dolphin, called Kuru, lying on the floor as staff desperately wrap it in a mat and use a crane to lift it back into the water.

The other dolphins in the tank appear to be distressed and gathered around the side where the creature leapt out.

Mr O’Barry said: ‘The habitat of that false killer whale is so unnatural it leapt out in desperation.

‘It wanted to end it. Why does a person jump out of a building?’

Captive: The stricken animal lies on the floor as the other dolphins look on seemingly distressed

Plight: Staff wrapped the dolphin in mats and kept it wet with a hosepipe before it could be put back into the tank

Hideshi Teruya, who manages the dolphin section at the park, said the it suffered minor scratches and bruises on its head and fin, but had a healthy appetite for mackerel and squid after it was returned to the tank.

He said: ‘It was playing around and jumped out by accident from the momentum.’

Kuru, which means ‘black’ in the local dialect, was captured six years ago in the seas around Okinawa.

Mr Teruya denied the captivity was cruel and said the tank was not overcrowded and followed aquarium guidelines.

But Mr O’Barry said the guidelines were inadequate and that dolphins were used to roaming for many miles a day, not swimming in a circle and doing flips at shows.

Rescued: The female dolphin, known as Kuru, is put back among her fellow creatures using a crane

Escape bid? A member of staff looks on as the dolphin leaps out of the tank. The other dolphins can be seen on the far side of the pool

He added that keeping them in a concrete box was cruel because it bombarded them with strange sounds and deprived them of their key sensory skill.

He said: ‘It proves that captivity doesn’t work. They are free-ranging creatures with a very large brain.

‘They’re self-aware and putting them in a small tank in a stadium setting is abusive.’

Mr O’Barry featured in a film about Japanese dolphin hunting – The Cove – in which he attempted to stop the slaughter of the animals for food in the town of Taiji.

It used hidden cameras to show how the dolphins are killed – workers herd them into a cove and stab they with spears as they writhe in the water.

The film, which won best documentary at the Oscars, opened in Japanese cinemas this month despite protests and threats.


SAV Comment

Dolphins belong in the oceans swimming free, not performing dead beat tricks for dead beat, camera clicking humans who care not a jot about anything except what they have to do that afternoon.

Sad, sick humans !

Why not spend the afternoon watching ‘The Cove’ instead ? – they may just learn something.

Romania: Hells Basement for Animals – Video Link, Sample Letter and Contact Details Provided – Please Act TODAY to Close This Animal Abuse Establishment DOWN





SAV Comment

Please click on the link directly below to see the video footage which has been taken of this Hells Basement for Animals.


After the video, please act and send the sample letter given to all the contacts given in the block listing below.

For EU citizens, if you wish to contact your own MEP’s about this issue, then click on the following link – select your nation and then move on to find all your national MEPs.




Sent: Monday, July 12, 2010 2:20 PM

Subject: Romania: Hell’s Basement for Animals (Enfer pour les chiens dans un refuge en Roumanie) (letter)


Because compassion directs us …

Please send SAMPLE LETTER (below) to email block; I do not know who wrote this letter for credit as it was on the original alert. Also PLEASE NOTE that I have removed five invalid addresses from the original alert, including one for the mayor, but more may refuse letters so it is possible you will receive additional address failures. Thank you.

Simulposted with Save the Dogs

Three months were needed of waiting and investigations to show what everyone knew for a very long time: the public dog pound in Costanza, managed by the company Alfmob srl, is nothing more than a big slaughterhouse for stray dogs. The images posted next to the dog pound, clearly show healthy animals injected in the thorax by someone looking like a veterinarian, placed in line on the ground dead and in a plastic bag. The bodies are then transported to an incinerator in a nearby region, an incinerator financed with European funds.

In the video material gathered by Save the Dogs, one can also see the captures in Cernavoda, the prohibited hygienic conditions in the Costanza dog pound and the large pincers (banned by the Romanian law – like the killing of healthy animals) used to seize the poor animals. Save the Dogs has sent a series of images to all the major Romanian television stations and the press, as well, the members of the local council of Cernavoda, asking to immediately interrupt their contract with Alfmob. Moreover, a legal action as been undertaken against the company and the vet who undertook the killings. To view the press release, click HERE.

ADDITIONAL PHOTO EVIDENCE can be found by clicking HERE

WHERE TO SEND YOUR LETTERS OF PROTEST (copy/paste into your TO: and hit one carriage return):
primarie@primaria-constanta.ro , radu@radumazare.ro , consjud@cjc.ro , relatii_publice@cjc.ro , cancelarie@prefecturaconstanta.ro , mircea_gj@yahoo.com , primaria@cernavoda.ro , info@romaniatourism.com , mircea_gj@yahoo.com , cp06@cdep.ro , sulfina.barbu@cdep.ro , dusa_mircea@cdep.ro , mapostolache@cdep.ro , attila.korodi@cdep.ro , marin.bobes@cdep.ro , victor.boiangiu@cdep.ro , dan.bordeianu@cdep.ro , cristian.buican@cdep.ro , ion.calin@cdep.ro , gheorghe.ciocan@cdep.ro , relu.fenechiu@cdep.ro , vasile.gherasim@cdep.ro , ghervazen.longher@cdep.ro , costica.macaleti@cdep.ro , antonella.marinescu@cdep.ro , marius.neculai@cdep.ro , cristinadumitru@mail.com , dumitru.pardau@cdep.ro , ioan.oltean@cdep.ro , cornel.pieptea@cdep.ro , neculai.ratoi@cdep.ro , denes.seres@cdep.ro , szilagy@rmdsz.ro , soporan.vasile@cdep.ro , nicolae.stan@cdep.ro , claudiu.taga@cdep.ro , radu.timpau@cdep.ro , ecu777@yahoo.com , lucia.varga@cdep.ro , varga.lucia@yahoo.com , aurel.vladoiu@cdep.ro , sorin.zamfirescu@cdep.ro , portal@santos.sp.gov.br , info@rotterdam.nl , contact@brest-metropole-oceane.fr , contact@mairie-brest.fr , mayor@cityofmobile.org , turun.kaupunki@turku.fi , webmaster@comune.sulmona.aq.it , urp@comune.perugia.it , comune.perugia@postacert.umbria.it , presidenza.consiglio@comune.trapani.it


 (as provided in initial alert, thank you to whomever wrote it):

To whom it may concern,

“The GREATNESS and the MORAL PROGRESS of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” ( M Gandhi )

I am outraged by the terrifying news about the way animals are treated in your country. It is beyond human comprehension to understand how it is possible such barbaric acts happen every day, all over your country, and more, the perpetrators are not punished in accordance with the full extent of the law for the protection of animals and also based on the Principles of the European Convention For the Protection of Companion Animals ( Strasbourg Nov.13, 1987.)

Please stop the slaughter of dogs in CONSTANTA…and defer to justice those who killed helpless, defenseless , healthy dogs….There is a criminal who ORDERED this massacre and he must legally punished for this…

Romania is a beautiful country; it used to have a good reputation around the world. I am afraid that, due to the horrifying cruelty shown by many Romanians against animals, due to the lack of action from the authorities supposed to implement the law, due to the fact that many perpetrators are even those hired by local authorities…Romania’s and Romanian people’s reputation has been badly tarnished.

I will not visit your country any time soon and I will inform my relatives and friends not to visit either, until all those who committed crimes against animals are punished at the full extent of the law and until the Law for the protection of animals is IMPLEMENTED and applied to everybody, including the officials who did not observe it. I will avoid buying any product of Romania, until animals are treated with respect and dignity and fully protected by the LAW.

The public dog pound in Costanza, managed by the company Alfmob srl, is nothing more than a big slaughterhouse for stray dogs:




How the public dog pound really looks like and what happens in there. In those areas, dogs are left to starve …no water either…for one week….then they are killed. As simple as that.


Mangalia public pound finally closed ….does it look HUMAN to you ?


Thank you for your attention.

YOUR NAME and Nationality



Cyprus: Builders Required to Help With Construction at Cat Rescue Centre – 16/08 Deadline; Free Accommodation Provided to Anyone Who Can Help With Building Work.






Miracle Needed Urgently!! Attention all earth angels 

Builders needed to help Cyprus Cat Rescue 16th August deadline- please spread the word

If you can help please contact – junemichaelcyprus@yahoo.co.uk or telephone 0035799786043 urgently. 

website at www.cypruscatrescue.co.uk  (for their story)

Please see the important appeal below

Many thanks for your support

SWAP team UK

—– Original Message —–

From: xx

To: xx

Sent: Friday, July 09, 2010 3:51 PM

Subject: FAO Helen; builders needed to help Cyprus Cat Rescue; 16 Aug deadline; please spread the word

Miracle Needed – Urgently                 

As many of you know we struggle every day here in Cyprus to help as many injured/sick/abandoned cats (and dogs) as we possibly can in our small home with no support from the local charities or government. 

This has taken over our whole lives and put a real strain on our daily living with no time or money left for ourselves, but the animals need us and we have to continue to try our best for them.   We have given up with the idea to move back to the UK and have been seeking to move into the mountains of Cyprus to give us more garden/land for the animals we rescue, who are now part of our family until new families are found. 

We have been able to do a house-swap with an American couple who have the ideal home for us with no close neighbours and a very large garden.  We have until the end of August to move into the new home but we have a big, big problem which could now put our rescued animals at risk! 

We borrowed a little money from the bank to build a small cattery on the land because when we move with 70 animals we need to enclose them until they settle as they will be scared of the change and will run away or get lost.  Also this will help us to help more animals in the future. 

After a few estimates we employed a builder but he has let us down big time!  He built the shell of the cattery, took half our budget and left.  If we do not get this cattery finished within a month we dont know how we can possibly move to the house with no where to put 70 animals, but we cannot stay in our current home as the new people need to move in.  We desperately need help to get this cattery finished quickly within the budget we have left.      

We are making a plea to all qualified builders/skillsmen out there who have a heart to help us to help the animals within the budget and timeframe we have (it needs to be completed by 16 August).   

Even if you do not live in Cyprus and want to come over to help us we can give you free accommodation at the house and you would have the evenings free to explore Cyprus. 

The more builders the quicker it will get finished and the quicker we can move the cats and ourselves to the new house but time is running out and we are so scared what we will do if we cannot get this done, and done quickly.   

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP US!!  All we are trying to do is help the animals of Cyprus.  Please see our website at www.cypruscatrescue.co.uk for our story.

Please email us at junemichaelcyprus@yahoo.co.uk or telephone 0035799786043 urgently. 



June & Michael