Spain: The “Greyhound” Holocaust


As it says in Article 13 of the Lisbon Treaty:  “… animals are sentient beings. The overall goal is to ensure that the animals do not suffer any avoidable pain or suffering. ”

The Spanish Galgeros don’t give a shit about it!


A cruel fate awaits over 50,000 galgos in Spain at the end of the hunting season.

They are traditionally bred for hunting and used for pleasure and greed by the so-called galgueros (hunters). Without food and water, the galgos live their sad lives in dirty, narrow bunkers without daylight.

Every day is hell for them.

They are always the same pictures: Galgos, emaciated to the bone, whose ribs can be counted with the naked eye. Then there are those with obviously broken legs and open flesh wounds as well as those for whom – hung on the tree – tragically all help comes too late.

These pictures can only mean one thing: The hunting season in Spain is officially over.

The hunting season with galgos goes from October to late January, but their abuse is ubiquitous all year round.

But at the end of January, when the hunting season ends, the situation for the galgos gets worse than ever.


What now with the many hunting dogs that are no longer needed? Nobody wants to bear the costs for food, accommodation, water and veterinarian until next year. Then these animals are killed en masse.

New mass graves are discovered every day with galgos.



In Spain, the Galgo is pure goods. Its value depends on its performance. In the classifieds market, the price starts with one euro for a Galgo puppy.

Animals that have won a few races or have champions in the ancestral row quickly make it to a few thousand euros.


Training takes place behind cars and motorcycles in summer.


Hunting and coursing for four months, always running, rushing, hunting, alone, in pairs, in a pack, four months of top performance. And top performance takes a toll.

The dog is too tired? Take another one!

The dog is too slow? Take another one!

The dog got hurt? Take another one! It’s about honor, it’s about pride, no galguero can get along with two dogs, an average of 10 to 15 are used per season by a galguero

Animals that no longer achieve the desired performance are disposed of ice cold. The galgueros break their legs so that they become useless.

They throw them into wells where the galgos starve to death.


The hanging of the galgos even has a name, “tocar el piano”, in English “playing the piano”, since the galgo just touches the ground with its paws and struggles for its life, like when a piano player hits the keys, but it does is not a game, it is a cruel, cowardly murder by hand of a brutal, human scum!

The galgo hangs strangled from a tree so that it can barely tap its feet on the ground. Not so that he can survive, but so that he can prolong his agony himself a little.



The dog was hung up because it did not catch a rabbit while hunting. This goes against the hunter’s pride and must be paid for with death.


Hunting with the Spanish greyhounds “Galgos”  is prohibited in the rest of the EU. Only not in Spain.

You can see that this is systematic cruelty to animals by the fact that around 50,000 galgos dangle from the trees every year.

The protest against the handling of greyhounds is getting louder and louder: In a petition called “Galgo Massacre” to the European Parliament, animal rights activists, for example, ask EU politicians:

Stop hunting with Galgos in Spain.”

The international petition the platform has already been signed by more than 127,000 people.


Hunting with galgos is particularly widespread in the regions of Castilla-La Mancha, Castilla and León, Madrid and Andalusia, i.e. in the middle of the country and in southern Spain.

The dogs are kept in remote crates in the hinterland where tourists don’t notice!!



Hunting is a popular sport in Spain, a license is easily available. But hunting events across Spain have also become big events that serve entertainment and machismo.

Animal rights activists appeal to the European Parliament

The protest against the handling of greyhounds is getting louder and louder: In a petition called “Galgo Massacre” to the European Parliament, animal rights activists, for example, ask EU politicians: “Stop hunting with Galgos in Spain.”

The international petition the platform has already been signed by more than 127,000 people.




Please sign and share the petition:

And I mean…There has never really existed a civilized Spain.

The Spanish Inquisition was founded on November 1, 1478.

It was only abolished on July 15, 1834 under Isabella II.
How much does it do? 365 years !!

The 320 years of the Conquista y Colonización and the 36 years of the Franco dictatorship naturally have to be counted towards this.

The “few” million murdered indigenous of Latin America are also due to the civilized Spain.
Because the Spaniards always claimed that the Indians had no soul and were not part of the human species, they also played executioners in this continent.

That was the black past, but the present doesn’t look better.

50,000 galgos per year brutally executed by hunters and breeders in Spain.
Approximately 200,000 animals are abandoned each year.

In Spain, an animal is thrown onto the street every 6 minutes, the official number of strays is 200,000 per year, but the dark number is much higher.

According to RSPCA statistics, Spain is the country with the highest animal cruelty rate in Europe.

Don’t forget the bullfighting – in November 2013, the corrupt People’s Party, together with the bullfighting mafia, declared animal fighting to “world heritage”.

We must also mention other blood fiestas! the Toro de la Vega, the Toro del Fuego, the slow death of horses in Galicia due to wooden truncheons, they are also part of the “cultural heritage” of the country!

The Bullfights in Spain – under the guise of “agricultural subsidies”- are financed with our money, from the EU’s subsidies pot.

According to a Spanish MP, around 130 million euros flow from the EU to Spanish bull farmers each year.
Around 27 million euros of this comes from Germany.

A little hope arises after the election of the new government, in which the left-wing party “Podemos” also participates.

Not that we have had any great support for animal rights from the left to date … but at least we have one less fascist government in Europe.


A pity, that it cannot be realized …


My best regards to all, Venus


5 Responses

  1. Auch angesichts dieser Bilder und obwohl mir das Elend und die Verbrechen an den Galgos seit Jahren bekannt sind und ich mich auch dagegen einsetze, kann ich mich nur schämen, zur Gattung MENSCH zu gehören. Was diese den Tieren aller Gattungen und überall auf der Welt antun, hat jeder dieser Verbrecher am eigenen Leibe verdient! Leider gibt es keine Gerechtigkeit auf diesem Planeten. Besser würde die Welt erst werden, wenn die Spezies Mensch endlich mehr wie Tiere wären. Diese haben Anstand und meistens mehr Verantwortung als Menschen. Menschen = menschliche Bestien sind es, die täglich 123 Millionen Tiere ermorden! Für Politiker und Medien meist nicht erwähnenswert. Eine Schande!

  2. this should immediately stop! Unbelievable how human beeings cruelty lets animal suffer!

    This will come back on us – I am sure – it is an unbelievable sin. We are Nature ourselves and destroy our follow creatures in such a senceless and barbarian way, no one would believe it! Are there no laws for animal protection? Shame on you!


  3. Its shame for Spain, on 2020 in Eu-country and hapance this alive horror!?Its nesessary Spanish goverment stop breading and competitions with these race dogs,if they will live and die in this terrible way!!!!

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