Hungary: Appeal for Donations to Help Animal Rescue Organisations After Environmental Disaster


Most people, especially Europeans, will be aware of the catastrophic ecological events which have happened in Hungary in the past weeks.  Some news links and pictures are given on the following sites:

Animals have suffered in this disaster, and Hungarian animal welfare organisations have been working tirelessly to try and rescue and help animals caught in this disaster.

Photographs of this rescue and animal cleaning work are shown below.

Animals are either taken away to be cleaned and fostered somewhere until things return to normal, or if the owners insist in their animals staying at their property (many want their dogs to continue to guard their houses – on the chain or inside the building) animal welfare tries to supply them with food and whatever care they can on location.

A local German organisation is collecting material donations to be taken over to Hungary in the next few days. Nobody from abroad can help with that naturally.

But donations are also desperately needed to support the work.

There are two accounts of organisations IN Hungary that people can donate to (the account number is included in IBAN code):

(Animal welfare organisation of Veszprém) 

Name of account holder: Állatvédő Egyesület Veszprém

Name and address of Bank: CIB Bank, Zrt. 8200  Veszprém, Szeglethy u.1. 

Swift Code (BIC): CIBHHUHB

IBAN: HU70 1110 0300 1926 4952 3600 0001

or (
Name of account holder: Inga Wagner, Hundehilfe Nordbalaton

Name of Bank: UniCredit Bank

Swift Code (BIC): BACXHUHB

IBAN: HU69109180010000044519570001

Any help or donation would be greatly appreciated;

Thank You.