Ukraine: Mobile Crematorium Used to Kill Stray Animals Before ‘Eurofoot 2012’. Sample Letter and Information.

Story and information:



Dear Sir,

We were absolutely horrified to read in the newspaper about the fact of shooting and burning animals alive as part of preparations for Eurofoot 2012.

You must be filled with horror as well to know that Ukrainian authorities are now using a mobile crematorium to exterminate stray animals.

The problem of stray animals in the Luhansk region in the town Lysychansk in Eastern Ukraine will be “solved” in this horrible way.  The local government bought this mobile crematorium for disposal of stray animals and easily ‘forgot’ the Law on Cruelty to Animals.  We hope (and know!) FIFA (your football club / you as a sponsor) cannot accept and tolerate that harvested  animals are cremated alive in this oven at 900 degrees C.Concentration of stray animals in Ukraine is not critical and can be easily brought under control. Money spent to buy a mobile furnace from the city budget would be quite sufficient to solve the problem of stray animals through sterilization process, the only right way to decrease the strays.  As we heard, other cities where FIFA football games will be played, will follow in this horrible way of killing dogs and cats.

FIFA and its sponsors, you, are the most powerful to stop this. Please use your influence and authority to end these killings, maybe even to support sterilization projects…

Kind regards,

your name & country



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Ministry of Environmental Protection of Ukraine

Mister Movchan

35, Urytskogo Str. Kiev, Ucraina

03.035 YKPAIHA

Foreign Office:

Ministry of Culture and Tourism:

Ministry of Education:

ministry alive. environment:

Ministers for Family and Youth:

Ministry of Justice:

Interior Ministry Luhansk region:

end Kiev

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