Global International: Please Send a Video Message to the Romanian Authorities About Their Stray Dog Policies / (Lack of) Management and Strategy to Reduce Future Numbers.

UPDATE 07/06/11: – A message from Kendra regarding support from NON EU supporters.

Global Suppoprters – Now you can add your voice and send a message to the Romanian authorities – please see below.

Author : Kendra E-mail :
URL    :
I agree, time to expand me thinks….Will sort it this evening, will add a section for international :O)

Thanks to Kendra for all her hard work.


Original message:

This is our last chance to truly give the animals of Romania a voice, to add your voice to ours email us with your video or upload your video to you tube and email us the link :

You can watch the current video messages left by Euro citizens by clicking on the following link:

Personally, we at SAV do not feel that this is solely and EU citizen issue.  We feel that the more videos sent from around the world, the more ‘global’ will be the message sent to Romanian politicians.  They need to be informed how the WORLD feels about their floundering for the strays.


Further News 07/06:

Today’s result:
The law was sent back to Commissions after a long debate in the Deputies Chamber.
Toader PDL proposed that the votes be secret but V. Ponta PSD said that the Union will not vote if the vote is hidden, as every deputy has to take responsability for their vote. .
Huge thanks to all the supporters that stood up at the balconies in the Deputies Chamber and to those coming all over the country.





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