SAV and ‘Help Animals’ Belgrade Join Forces For Serbian Zoo Animals.

**Additional Update 21/07/11**

Help Animals have now reproduced the zoo letter in Serbian for campaigners to e mail to the authorities directly; as concerned Serbian citizens.

See the Serbian version of the letter via the following link:


SAV and ‘Help Animals’, Belgrade, are working together to put additional pressure onto the Serbian government regarding zoo conditions for (Serbian) animals.

The ‘sample letter’ which is given on this site, and which is directed at Serbian government ministers, has also been reproduced on the ‘Help Animals’ site with the special intention that Serbian citizens and campaigners can ask their government directly to take this issue on board and act !

We hope that with this united campaign front, action will now be taken by Serbian ministers to fully review the situation for all animals in all Serbian zoos.

‘Help Animals’, Belgrade – Website link (including sample letter):

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‘Help Animals’, Belgrade – Facebook link:!/groups/58256910394


Some SAV past Serbian zoo links:

Main article, including sample letter to send to Serbian government officials: