Uk (England): Irish (Male) Calves Transported From England to Mainland Europe – Read The Shipment Report Here.

Live animal exports from Kent, England, today.

Read the KALE reports at:

KALE Report J16 for 28 July 2011 SAV Version

KALE Report J17 – 2nd Shipment 28 July 2011

View extra photographs of recent past sailings at:

Extra Photos of 15 16 July Sailing by ‘Joline’ from Ramsg…

Live calves for the veal trade being shipped from Ireland to mainland Europe.

England being used as a ‘land bridge’ between Ireland and Europe.

Animals being shipped out of the port of ‘Ramsgate’ – which is located on the English Channel coast, Kent county, England.

Calves most probably destinned for Spain.

There is a big country wide campaign to stop this.

Please sign the EU wide petition for a maximum 8 hour journey time for live animal transport within the EU at:

Pictures from the last shipment 2 weeks ago: