Romania: Latest News About Strays. Animal Welfare NGO’s Are ‘Extremists’; Meetings of the Government Held In Secret – Shambles !!

Dear all,

In June, the Chamber of Deputies decides to send back to the Committee for public administration the PL912/2007 on the management of stray dogs, with the recommendation the animal welfare organizations to be consulted and to give a coherent, efficient, ethic form at the law and then, to return to Parliament.

2 weeks ago during a debate of about four hours, the animal welfare organizations representatives explained to those five members of the Commission present at the meeting, with relevant arguments why the project, why the legislative project is unconstitutional, illegal, ineffective. USELESS!! Because part of them don’t want to understand and others are interested exactly in making a bussiness by maintaining in the street a constant number of dogs.

Yesterday, September 14, the president of the Committee, Sulfina Barbu (PDL), decide to introduce the project for discussion, in secret, outside the agenda, when only a part of the committee members are present and no NGOs nor the media have no possibility of access.

By aberrant speeches of two deputies the animal welfare organizations are called extremist “because they do not accept euthanasia but sterilization”, trying their best to denigrate their work and the animal lovers.

Defying any logic, showing a contempt for citizens, for animal welfare organizations (of which they rejected for the third time all the proposals), the Committee adopted the same form containing a lot of absurd, stupid, discriminatory, unconstitutional provisions, and going beyond the regulation of this law:

– stop any chance that the problem of stray dogs ever to be solved
– the city hall choose the method of dog management (euthanasia, incarceration or return) after consulting the citizens of the locality; consultation is defined as asking everyone, 1000, 100 or only 2, depending the interest of the mayor
– gives the possibility of killing all dogs, including those with owner, in a period of up to 3 days
– any dog ?? with owner can be taken by the catchers;
– obstruct and discourage adoptions; you can adopt a dog only if you show the proof of living space, material resources and pay a fee. In the context of the adoption must be stimulated, the Commission decided to euthanasia all the adoptable dogs on the taxpayer expenses.
– Obstruct / block the possibility of returning the dogs;
– the dog catchers have the right to sanction and control the dog owners

In the 19-20 or 26 to 27 September this disastrous project come to vote in the plenum of Chamber of Deputies.

Please, help us to avoid adopting it!

Send protests to the email address below as well as to fax numbers:

You can send your own text (very short) or letter below.

Thank you.

Carmen Arsene

Sample protest letter:

………………………………………….. …………………

Subject (example): STOP MASS KILLING DOGS!

To: Chamber of Deputies, Presidency, Government

Romania is known worldwide for incredible acts of animal cruelty.

Healthy animal euthanasia is not agreed at EU level, nor is the method to solve the stray dogs problem. It is unacceptable that Romania, after 10 years in which hundreds of thousands of dogs have been killed, spending tens of millions of Euros from the tax payers, to want to apply the same barbaric and ineffective method.

In the form adopted by the Committee for Public Administration, Territorial Planning and Ecological Balance, the law contains absurd and unconstitutional provisions, stops any chance that the problem of stray dogs ever to be solved, obstruct and discourage adoptions, gives power for control and sanction to the dog catchers, gives the possibility to any dog catcher to take any dog with owner and kill it.

We urge you to reject this project in the form adopted by the Commission for Public Administration and to adopt a coherent, efficient and civilized program: Neuter, Identification& controlled Return as the control of reproduction, combined with education in responsible dog ownership, being the only practical and permanent solution ? according the recommendations of Committee of technical experts from World Health Organization, Geneva.


Fax: 00 40 21 3134931 – Chamber of Deputies – Parliament of Romania
Fax: 00 40 21 319.31.31 – Mr. Traian Basescu, President of Romania
Fax: 00 40 21 313 98 46 – Mr. Emil Boc, Prim-minister of Romania
Fax: 00 32 2 2854141 – European Peoples Party – where PD-L party is member

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