Serbia: ‘Felix’ Cat Shelter – A Request For Financial Help Please – Can You Give A Donation ? – Full Details Below.

Felix Cat Shelter – Serbia

A request – Please, Can you help with a donation ?

Today (30/9/110 at SAV we have had a mail from Danica, who runs the Felix Cat Shelter in Serbia.

Danica has sent the following message.  Please help by giving a donation if you possibly can. 

The photographs are of some of the cats currently living at Felix shelter.

So  Danica; we are trying to help you on our site, with the hope that some good visitors may be able to give you a donation.

Regards from your animal friends at SAV, Kent, England.

Thank you – SAV.

Original Message:

Will you please inform me is there any way I can post on your site?

My name is Danica Mirkovic and I run ‘Felix’ Cat Shelter in Serbia. ‘

When Etela’s shelter in Backa Topola, Serbia,  was destroyed by the fire, I took more than 20 of her cats and they’re with me still. I’d like to post some information about them (with recent photos) and the rest of my cats (I have about 100 of them right now) and to ask for help.

It’s almost impossible for one person to defray all their expenses. I didn’t mean to make a site, just to log in here, but evidently this is not how it works.

 I do have a blog, though:

I hope that you’ll contact me soon. My best regards, Danica Mirkovic



Full information on making a donation (Paypal or cards) is available on the blog – simply click on the ‘Donate’ link on the following site: