Bulgaria: The Killing Fields of the EU For Stray Animals – Now More Than Ever; Time for EU Legislation on Stray Animal Welfare. This IS BULGARIA – 2012 !

This is the real face of EU member state Bulgaria we can show the world now !

These are the results of the Bulgarian government running a “cruelty free” political strategy against stray dogs population!

This little girl visits the animal “shelter” Seslavtsi for walking the prisoners every week.

She looks devastated, she IS devastated, because today she understands what is going to happen to the new puppies in the last cell.

Maybe this will be the last piece of decent, non political / non mayoral, humanity they would have seen before they are put to sleep, labelled as ‘aggressive’.  As the following photo shows; she puts her hand into the cell to pat the animal the Bularian government and authorities label as ‘aggressive’.

The photographs below show the world the ‘aggressive’ dogs of Bulgaria; a nation which is now the shame of the EU because of what it is doing – where political ‘put the money in your pocket for your own interests’ take priority over the welfare of animals, animal welfare which is funded by the EU.

Bulgarian MEPs should bow their heads in shame that they represent such a politically bent and corrupt system.

All healthy, neutered and socialized dogs from the Malinova Dolina district in the country capital – Sofia are going to be euthanized as ‘aggressive’, as a reaction to an incident from two days ago, when in the same district an old man was ‘attacked’ by aggressive dogs and is in a hospital.

Since there is no certified test for ‘aggression’ in Bulgaria, and the aggressive dogs cannot be caught (because they hide from people, unlike the socialized ones), the Mayor of Sofia – Ms Fandakova has ordered all dogs that happen to inhabit the district, and can be caught by the hunters, to be killed.

This is Bulgaria’s “cruelty free” politics!

Please spread the word and let the world know about the way a European country and EU member state called Bulgaria handles their strays problem in the 21st Century!

In the album you can see all the “aggressive” dogs – http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.352728011430693.72688.167390933297736&type=1

SHAME ON BULGARIA ! – Shame on the Mayor of Sofia – Ms Fandakova – and where are the Bulgarian MEPs to allow this to happen in ‘their’ Europe ?

** WARNING ** – the following photos show many ‘aggressive’ dogs according to the Bulgarian authorities.  As our visitors to this site live in the real world, away from Bulgarian politics, we will leave you to decide on what the pictures show.

The little Bulgarian girl in the photos above will hopefully continue to grow up with the compassion that she obviously has – unlike the Mayor of Sofia and other EU member state Bulgarian politicians.  She is the future – and a hopeful future of sense and compassion; unlike what is being witnessed with Bulgarian politicians at the moment.

She is the future – and a hopeful future of sense and compassion; unlike what is being witnessed with Bulgarian politicians at the moment.



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