England: Further SAV Letter In Support of Keith Taylor MEP Correspondence Now Sent To EU Commissioner Hahn.

SAV Comment:

The following shows just a fraction of the photographic and video evidence that we and others have regarding animal suffering in Serbia that is not being addressed by the Serbian government and authorities. IT IS NOW TIME FOR CHANGE – especially as Serbia wishes to become a new EU member.  Citizens of the EU will not tolerate this kind of animal abuse.

We will be a Serbian Animals Voice !


Further to the letter sent to EU Commissioner Johannes Hahn by English MEP / Vice President of the EU Intergroup for Animal Welfare, Mr Keith Taylor on 19th February 2015;

Letter to Commissioner Hahn – Serbia and Bosnia stray animal welfare – 19 Feb 2015 (1)

We at SAV have now completed a follow up letter to the Commissioner giving him several video links and many photographs of ‘animal welfare’ (??) situations we have experienced over the last few years at SAV.  Note that we have published all the animal fighting videos on this site during the last month.






As you can see from our letter, we are asking Commissioner Hahn; who has overall EU responsibility for “European Neighbourhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations” – ie. allowing the Republic of Serbia to become a member of the EU; to review our presentation, photographs and animal fighting links (especially) to ensure that the Serbian government; local authorities and national police actually take EXISTING Serbian legislation much more seriously by actually enforcing the law.  This is something we have not seen much proof of during our last 10 years producing this site.

We have been working with Mr. Taylor MEP over the last few weeks on this very issue. As both Keith says in his letter, and we also do in ours; by allowing animal abuse such as can be seen for example in the video links; and by not enforcing its own (Serbian laws) on animal  welfare; which are good; Serbia is NOT upholding the fundamental principle set by the EU for new member states of proving that they are enforcing ‘the rule of law’ (their own national legislation) within their own borders.

shelter 1

And so by not enforcing the ‘rule of law’ on animal welfare as one example; and using Serbian legislation within Serbia to prosecute offenders; it (Serbia) is showing the EU that on just this one particular issue alone that we are involved with, national legislation IS NOT being applied.  Thus it should be considered that Serbia is currently not in a position to be a suitable EU member state.


Only when Serbia actually does apply Serbian law on animal welfare; and prosecutes or takes other actions as necessary to prove things ARE being done to the EU; should it then be seen to be complying with the EU ‘rule of law’ requirements and thus be allowed to join the EU as a new member state.

Please click on the following link to read our follow up letter to EU Commissioner Hahn in full.

Note that at the start; all contact addresses have been removed from the original.

IMPORTANT – when you click on the following link below, you should then see a Word doc with this same name as below appear at the bottom of the site.  Simply click on this same Word doc to open the letter.

It should start by saying:    “Addresses removed from original sent”.

Commissioner Hahn SAV Post version

We now await further correspondence in future from the Commissioner regarding our letter and that of Keith Taylor MEP; and we will immediately report any news of information on this site.

We have lots of excellent Serbian campaigner friends and shelter operating friends – see some of them and their work at our ‘Shelters’ section of the site – https://serbiananimalsvoice.com/serbian-shelters/   They work relying entirely on supporter donation support when it should also be provided by the government, who should have animal welfare responsibilities; especially regarding the keeping of stray animals in shelters.

nani 6 20

Tik tak tok 2

Evidence is provided to the authorities; and they simply ignore it and walk away, leaving our friends to pick up the animal pieces.  It should not be the case that hard evidence of causing suffering is just ignored.


We are finally starting to reach a corner.  The government and authorities have done very little for animal welfare for many years by ignoring the evidence and failing to prosecute those who cause suffering.  Maybe now that Serbia wants EU accession the tide is turning.  They are NOT complying with the fundamentals of EU accession – namely enforcing the rule of (Serbian) law within Serbia.  We, as an EU based NGO will continue to provide the evidence to the EU.  We need the EU to act and inform Serbia that it is not enforcing its own laws for animal welfare.  And we say to the EU, until Serbia does and proves that it is enforcing the law, it should not be allowed to become a new member state of the EU.

Serbian government and regional authorities needs to get their house in order re animal welfare before the EU even considers their accession.  We speak for Serbian welfare campaigners, shelters and also for the current citizens of the EU who are shocked and appalled by what they see on this site.

Serbian government and authorities – clean up your act

– make things better for animals, not worse!






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