Bosnia-Herzegovina: Sadistic Couple Cementing Dogs Alive Into Walls ! – Please Take Actions Now and Demand These Abusers Are Punished In The Extreme.


** FURTHER UPDATE 2030hrs GMT:  Lots of photos.


UPDATE 1900hrs GMT 23/4/12.

We have just been informed that the dogs have been FREED ! – Thank you Ela.

We are now trying to get accurate information about this situation from Balkans contacts.

You can watch very recent video footage via the following link:!/?ref=ostali

Please watch this space or any new posts we will create as news updates arrive.

But it appears that the dogs are now free.


German Site – Link and photos: 




Vorname = First name
Nachname = Second name
Unterschreiben = Sign

Info (in german) and PHOTOS:


Please send emils to:

Delegation of the European
Commission to
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Address: Dubrovačka 6
Phone: 387 33 254 700
E-mail: delegation-bih@…
Web site:

City Government
Address: Hamdije Kreševljakovića 3
Phone: 387 33 221 145
E-mail: info_grad@…
Web site:

Office of the High Representative
in B&H – OHR
Address: Emerika Bluma 1
Phone: 387 33 283 500
E-mail: interviews@…
Web site:

Council of Ministers
Address: Trg BiH 1
Phone: 387 33 219 923
E-mail: cmpress@…
Web site:

Government of Federation
of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Address: Alipašina 41
Phone: 387 33 212 986
E-mail: info@…
Web site:



A sadistic couple in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina in the former Yugoslavia is collecting dogs, cementing them while still alive into walls and slaughtering them. Neighbors have complained about the cries of the animals and the stench of the dead bodies but no authority will take action.

Jelena Paunovic is the brave woman who is taking photos, visiting the poor creatures with food, and trying to raise world-wide condemnation so something will be done. All pleas she has made to veterinarians and local authorities have fallen on deaf ears.


If you are on Facebook, you can follow her and receive updates. The link directly below this takes you to a German story on this atrocity. I’ve provided some contacts but don’t know if they are the right ones. Please email them a note voicing your outrage!

I also need your help in locating the contacts for Sarajevo local police, the mayor and the tourist ministry. I need you all to spread the word….share, crosspost, Tweet, Facebook and let the world know these poor dogs
need help! Please post any contact info you have! Thank you

Michelle S.

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