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USA: Mercy For Animals Hidden Camera Footage Leads to Arrest and Criminal Charges in California. This Is What ‘Ag Gag’ In Other States is Attempting to Prevent – Who is the Real Criminal ?

MFA Website:

New hidden-camera footage obtained by Mercy For Animals has led to the arrest of Roberto Celedon for three felony and 10 misdemeanor criminal charges related to his illegal slaughter operation in Los Angeles County, California.
The shocking video evidence  shows animals being violently pinned down, having their throats crudely sawed open, and slowly bleeding to death.

After reviewing the hidden-camera footage, Dr. Armaiti May, a practicing veterinarian and farmed animal welfare expert in Santa Monica, stated: “The blatant cruelty towards the goat and sheep at this facility is nothing short of horrifying and must be punished to the full extent of the law.”

Roberto Celedon was arrested and charged with a felony under California Penal Code 597(b) which states that every person who “tortures, torments,” “cruelly kills any animal” or “subjects any animal to needless suffering” is guilty of a crime punishable by a fine of not more than $20,000 and/or imprisonment in excess of one year.
Celedon was also cited for numerous violations of the California Food and Agriculture Code for operating without a license.
During a raid of the facility, Los Angeles County Animal Control officers seized dozens sick, injured and emaciated animals. These animals are now being rehabilitated at The Gentle Barn, a sanctuary for farmed animals in California.
This case graphically illustrates the cruel, inhumane and illegal abuses that farmed animals are all too often subjected to in California and across the nation. In a civilized society, it is our moral obligation to protect all animals, including animals raised and killed for food, from needless cruelty and suffering.
While MFA works to expose and end cruelty to farmed animals, compassionate consumers can help prevent the needless suffering of animals at the hands of the meat, egg and dairy industries by adopting a compassionate vegetarian diet.


SAV Comment

You have to wonder what else is going on in the US; now that some politicians in some states have passed ‘Ag Gag’ legislation.  They want to prevent the world from filming / seeing animal abused such as this, whilst only protecting the dollars in their own pockets. 

With Ag Gag, the idea, of course, is to shut down undercover investigations of animal abuse. The bill would criminalize speech that is used to gain access to a factory farm and the like. The bill is so broad that it is likely to chill the exercise of First Amendment rights of speech and association, if not violate them. It also raises the constitutional concern of prior restraint – prohibiting speech in advance. If this bill becomes law, it would be virtually impossible to conduct an undercover investigation of animal abuse, often the only way animal cruelty in factory farms is exposed.




England (Uk): World Day for Animals in Laboratories – March on 28/04/2012.

12 Noon, Birmingham City Centre – Saturday 28th April 2012.

Mauritius: More Than 20,000 PET and Stray Dogs Killed Anually by the Mauritian Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals ! – Everyone Agrees That Sterilisation Would Solve Population Problems; but the Government Will Not Consider It.


Photo – Roger Allen / North Downs Picture Agency

To see all the photographs associated with this article, please click on the following link:
The dogs on death row in paradise: One English woman’s battle to take on a holiday island which cruelly kills thousands of pet dogs a year

More than 20,000 pet and stray dogs are brutally slayed annually in Mauritius
Undercover investigation after alarm raised by the British-based charity

Up to 80 per cent are much-loved pets snatched from doorsteps
Pound can only be described as a concentration camp for dogs
By Jane Fryer and Allan Hall

The dog is flat on his back, trussed up with a rough rope, his paws scrabbling frantically in the air as a man in a red baseball cap rams a needle deep into his heart.  There is one last desperate struggle then a monstrous howl that rips through the muggy tropical morning, startling nearby market traders and silencing the birds.
When the howl splutters into a whimper, the dog is dragged and kicked into a kennel to die alongside three others. It is a slow and painful death, the result of a botched lethal injection by a canine-killing squad.

Eighty per cent of the dogs caught and killed are pet dogs not strays
And it takes place in the so-called tropical paradise of Mauritius — the palm-fringed holiday destination of more than 200,000 Britons each year.

Away from the white, gleaming beaches — where the sea is impossibly blue and tourists sip cocktails while lazing on luxury sunbeds — more than 20,000 pet and stray dogs are slayed annually in this sickening way.

These horrific images of the slaughter were taken during an undercover investigation by the Mail after the alarm was raised by the British-based charity International Animal Rescue.

The Mauritian government claims it is a humane way of controlling the island’s stray dog population, but it is neither humane nor honest.

Some of the animals are strays but many more — up to 80 per cent — are much-loved pets that have been snatched from their doorsteps, with collars and security tags clearly marking their addresses.
They are captured as part of a ‘clean-up’ campaign, despite pleas from animal welfare organisations across the world.

And they are killed by an organisation with a name so ironic it would be laughable it wasn’t true — the Mauritian Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Kitted out in jaunty red caps and wielding giant fishing nets, MSPCA dog-catchers snatch animals wherever they see them — sleeping on street corners, lingering in alleys or lazing on their own doorsteps.
They are scooped up and hurled into cages in the back of roasting-hot vans where they remain — often bleeding and with broken bones — while the officers continue their rounds.

Their destination is a pound that can only be described as a concentration camp for dogs.
MSPCA personnel march around in heavy boots, brandishing sharp metal rods to punish disobedient animals. In the filthy concrete cages, most of the dogs shrink to the back, shivering and terrified.
Others edge forward, hopeful and trusting, unable to understand their predicament.
The worst corner is the puppy cage — rusty, squalid with faeces, and utterly desolate.
Only animals with owners have any hope, and even then it is slim. If residents suspect their pet has been snatched by the MSPCA, they can come to the pound and pay a ransom to rescue it. But the charge is £30, which is beyond the reach of most people, as the average worker earns less than £60 a month.
Nearly all the dogs spend three days in the cages before a lethal injection and a slow, painful death.
The still-warm bodies are hurled into a mass open grave in a stretch of wasteland. Clumps of fur, tails and ears are visible in the red soil. Skulls and bones create splashes of white.
The MSPCA insists only stray dogs are exterminated but this is a lie.

The truth is that the organisation has a quota of more than 100 stray dogs to capture every day in a bid to reduce the island’s estimated 200,000 population.

And officers will happily take pets to achieve this figure.
British woman Alicia Browne can testify to this, after her two dogs were snatched while she was walking them.
Alicia, who is staying in Mauritius for nine months to visit a friend, adopted two stray dogs — whom she called Mira and Wanda — on the waterfront near Riv du Rempart in the north-east.

She recalls: ‘I was with them on the beach in December, throwing sticks, just having a nice day, when these two guys ran down with their nets and threw them over Mira and Wanda.
‘I screamed, “What are you doing! These are my dogs!” Mira and Wanda could not have been more than 4ft away from me. But one of the dog-catchers said I was breaking the law: because they weren’t on a leash, they were strays, and that was that.’
Alicia, from Redhill, Surrey, adds: ‘I was in tears and ran after them and saw them dumped in the van like trash. Mira’s leg was cut — you can see the scars and she has a limp now.  ‘I followed the van in my car for the rest of the morning while the men scooped up pet after pet then went to the pound where they were unloaded.
‘I had to pay to get my dogs back. Wanda will never be the same again — she was severely traumatised by the experience.’
Jacqueline Woodridge, a British expat living in Mauritius, lost her pet dog in January and went to the Port Louis MSPCA compound to try to find him.

Her search was unsuccessful — and shocking. She said: ‘What I saw was horrific. There were so many beautiful dogs, many, many with collars, including puppies, squeezed into dirty kennel chambers covered with urine and faeces.
‘They were trembling, whining, and terrified. There was just one bowl of bread and water in each kennel.’
While the population of strays is undoubtedly large and growing, the dogs are not dangerous: there is no rabies on Mauritius, and the strays shun human contact.

Local and international vets agree that sterilisation would stem the problem — indeed, three years ago French actress Brigitte Bardot offered to pay for a mass sterilisation for all the island’s strays. But the government will not consider it.
Yesterday, phone calls to the MSPCA were not returned. German vet Birgit Wellmann, who had to rescue her own dog from a pound, said: Sterilisation is the way forward but no one will listen. It is heartbreaking.’
She claims people on the island won’t criticise the MSPCA for fear of veiled retribution. Foreigners worry about losing residency and work permits, and locals are vulnerable to arrest if they defame the government.
Authorities say the strays are an eyesore and jeopardise the lucrative tourism trade. But as one European vet who used to work on the island points out: ‘For most tourists, these dogs are less dangerous than sunburn.’

 *** ACTION ***  You may wish to send your – of course: polite – comments on this issue to the following:
Prime Minister The Honourable Navinchandra Ramgoolam
Ministry of Agro-Industry and Food Security
Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development
Ministry of Tourism and Leisure and External Communications
Mail: ; ; ; ; 
And as well, CC, to Mauritian Tourism representations worldwide (“Authorities say the strays are an eyesore and jeopardise the lucrative tourism trade”) ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;
And, most importantly, to the below mentioned MSPCA (“And they are killed by an organisation with a name so ironic it would be laughable it wasn’t true — the Mauritian Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.”)
Of Mauritius to the US:
Other locations:
High Commission of Mauritius in Canberra, Australia – E-mail:
Embassy of Mauritius in Beijing, China – E-mail: 
Embassy of Mauritius in Berlin, Germany – E-mail:
Embassy of Mauritius in Cairo, Egypt – E-mail:
Embassy of Mauritius in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – 4.  E-mail:
Embassy of Mauritius in Paris, France – E-mail:
Consulate of Mauritius in Mumbai, India – E-mail:
High Commission of Mauritius in New Delhi, India – E-mail:
Consulate of Mauritius in Rome, Italy – E-mail:
High Commission of Mauritius in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – E-mail:
Embassy of Mauritius in Antananarivo, Madagascar – E-mail:
High Commission of Mauritius in Maputo, Mozambique – E-mail:
High Commission of Mauritius in Islamabad, Pakistan – E-mail:
High Commission of Mauritius in Pretoria, South Africa – E-mail:
Permanent Mission of Mauritius in Geneva, Switzerland – E-mail:
Representations of other countries to Mauritius:

London website link (full contact details):
High Commission of India in Port Louis, Mauritius – E-mail:,
High Commission of The United Kingdom in Port Louis, Mauritius – E-mail:


Serbia: Post Winter Repairs at Felix Shelter are Costing – Can You Help Costs With a Donation ? – Paypal Link Provided.

Website link:

Hi Mark

It’s been quite some time since I had last wrote to you.

I’d like to ask you to please put my appeal for help on your website.

Workers are supposed to start repairing a roof and making a concrete backyard this month and it will cost a fortune! I desperately need help.
Thank you so much in advance!
Kindest regards

Urgent help needed
All of you remember this last dreadful winter, when Europe, including Serbia was caught in the grip of uncommon deep freeze. My shelter had been cut off by heavy snow for days. By some miracle, the roof and the wire mesh were able to sustain the maximum snow load but haven’t got through the winter unscathed. They’re severely ravaged by an extraordinary amount of ice and snow they were never meant to endure.

We definitely cannot get through another winter like this.  Workers are supposed to start repairing a roof and making a concrete backyard this month. The existing concrete surfaces which are cracked and worn out must be removed and replaced. When it rains, water collects and pools in my backyard so extra drainage needs to be added. I am worried sick because of the expanses as these repairs will cost a fortune yet they’re necessary. It all needs to be done, and done now. And again I’m forced to ask for your help, as I cannot do this alone.

As all of you know, my shelter depends on donations entirely. I’m very much aware that most of the people are strapped for money these days, notwithstanding your help is desperately needed.  My kitties and I are boundlessly grateful to all of you who support us through these hard times. You truly reinforce the belief that together we can make a difference

PayPal button is on our blog:
Dinarske uplate:    Felix-Felinolosko drustvo  355-1070729-96

Past SAV posts associated with Felix shelter:- full details of the shelter, including many photos of the cats can be seen by accessing these:

TIME OUT – Take Five !

TIME OUT – Take Five !

I think that it is essential that sometimes, everyone involved with all these animal campaigns to take a few minutes (or hours !) and enjoy some music – it can help. 

Let me introduce you to a few favourites (some of many) of mine.

Enjoy !! :o)) 

Mark – SAV:

Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin) – Crazy Little Thing Called Love:

David Bowie / Ian Hunter – All The Young Dudes:

The Damned – The Shadow of Love:

Kate Bush and Dave Gilmour – Running Up That Hill:

Guns N’ Roses – November Rain:

Art Garfunkel – I Only Have Eyes for You:

Siouxsie and the Banshees – Night Shift:

Hugh Cornwell – Going to the City:

The Clash – London Calling:

Led Zeppelin – Kashmir:

Queen – I’m Going Slightly Mad

The Stranglers – No More Heroes:

Pink Floyd – Echoes Part 1 (Live At Pompeii):

Pink Floyd – Sheep:

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Symphony No. 25 in G minor:

Prokofiev – Dance of the Knights :

Siouxsie and the Banshees – The Last Beat Of My Heart :

Neil Young – Like a Hurricane:

Sinéad O’Connor – Nothing Compares 2U:

John Lennon with Cheap Trick – I´m losing you:

John Lennon – Imagine:

Guns.N.Roses – Sweet Child O’Mine:

Brian May + Paul Rodgers – ‘Last Horizon’ (Live):

and gorgeous Deborah – Blondie – Union City Blue:

Blondie – The Dream’s Lost On Me (Acoustic 2004):

Joy Division – Shadowplay:

New Order – Blue Monday Original 12 Inch Mix HD:

U2 – Exit:

U2 – New Year’s Day:

Especially written in cooperation with SAV by the brilliant Maria Daines and Paul Killington – Unite!:

Maria Daines – Where do all of the angels go:

The Black Spurs – It Ain’t Right – Sydney Ban Live Export Rally:

Serbia: A Letter From ‘Help Animals’, Belgrade.

A letter from our friends at ‘Help Animals’ – Belgrade:

Web Site Access:

Serbian =
English =

The letter text has been provided and is in the following languages:  Serbian, German and English. 

Please click on a link to view in ‘your’ language.

 GERMANDer Brief ,,Sacuvajmo Djilasa,, Deutsch

SERBIANPismo ,,Sacuvajmo Djilasa,,

ENGLISHLetter,,Sacuvajmo Djilasa,, eng

Alternatively, We have also reproduced the letter text below should you wish to read it here:


Sehr geehrte Bürger der Republik Serbien,

Am Moment findet auf der serbischen Szene, im größten Amphitheater unter dem klaren Himmel, die zweimonatige Vorstellung statt, unter dem Namen „Wahlkampagne“.

„Die Wahlkampagne” ist ein Ambiente, in dem die Nation oder die menschliche Gemeinschaft ihren Intellekt, ihre Kenntnis und Erinnerung benutzen kann… oder sie hat nichts zu benutzen.

Das ist ein Ambiente, in dem ein Teil der Bürger über das Schicksal des Rests der Bürger der Republik Serbien entscheidet.

Das ist eine Vorstellung, die von psychologischen Propagandastäben geführt wird. Um sich selbst zu verwirklichen, benutzen sie Elektronik, Bytes, Bits und besonder den Mangel des Intellekts und das Vergessen der Nation.

Sehr geehrte Bürger mit dem Stimmrecht,

Wir wenden uns an sie im Namen der Bürger, die kein Stimmrecht haben und in der Hauptstadt Belgrad wohnen.

Sie sind unsere Mitbürger, unsere besten Freunde, das sind Hunde und Katzen.

Als die vernünftigen Wesen müssen wir, die Belgrader Städter, im Namen der Hunde und Katzen, die im Konzentrationslager „Kafillerie-Ovča“ bis zum 2009 getötet sind (im Durchschnitt von 7,000 bis 10,000 pro Jahr ), nicht vergessen, wer die jahrelange Praxis des Tötens der Hunde und Katzen, die das Problem der „Streuner“ lösen sollte, verboten hat.

Das Töten der Hunde und Katzen wurde von unserem gegenwärtigen Bürgermeister Herr Dragan Djilas verboten. So wurde Belgrad eine der nur wenigen Städter in Europa und in der ganzen Welt, wo das Töten der Hunde und Katzen, um das Problem der „Streuner“ zu lösen, verboten ist.

Diejenigen, die das in dieser Vorstellung der „Wahlkampagne” vergessen, weil sie nur an ihre persönliche Verwirklichung denken und dabei lügen, treffen sie sich in der Zukunft mit dem Teufel.

„Bewahren wir Djilas!“, er ist das Pfand für die Leben der Hunde und Katzen und in seinem nächsten Mandat löst er auch das Problem aller anderen misshandelnden Tiere, die wir auf den Strassen der Belgrad treffen.

Der Tierschutzverein und der Verein für die Entwicklung des Bürgersbewusstseins “Feniks”
Der Tier- und Lebensgebietschutzverein “Die Menschen für Tiere”
Der Verein “Die Hilfe für die Tiere-Help animals”      



Poštovani Gradjani Srbije sa pravom glasa,

Na sceni Srbije trenutno se odigrava dvomesečna predstava u najvećem mogućem amfiteatru pod vedrim nebom pod nazivom „Izborna kampanja“.
„Izborna kampanja“ je ambijent u kojem nacija ili ljudska zajednica zarad svoje bolje budućnosti može koristiti svoj intelekt, znanje i sećanje, ili … nema šta koristiti.

To je ambijent u kojem jedan deo zemljana odlučuje o sudbini ostatka zemljana na prostoru Srbije.
To je predstava koju režiraju  „psihološko-propagandni štabovi“ koristeći elektroniku, bitove, bajtove, a naročito koristeći nedostatak intelekta i zaborav nacije, za potrebe ličnog samoostvarenja.

Poštovani Gradjani sa pravom glasa, obraćamo vam se u ime dela zemljana koji nemaju pravo glasa i to delu zemljana koji žive na prostoru Prestonice Srbije – Beogradu.
To su naši sugradjani, naši najbolji prijatelji, to su psi i mačke.

Kao „misleći zemljani“ mi gradjani Beograda u ime miliona oduzetih života (u proseku od 7000-10000 godišnje)pasa i mačaka u konc logoru „Kafilerija-Ovča“ do 2009. godine (, ni jednog momenta ne smemo zaboraviti ko je zabranio višedecenijsku praksu ubijanja pasa i mačaka zarad rešavanja problema „lutalica“.

Ubijanje pasa i mačaka zabranio je sadašnji Gradonačelnik Beograda g. Dragan Djilas. Tako je Beograd postao jedan od samo nekoliko gradova u Evropi, i šire, u kojem je zabranjeno ubijanje pasa i mačaka kao način rešavanja problema „lutalica“.

Oni koji u predstavi „Izborne kampanje“ to zaborave vodeći se ličnim samoostvarenjem i koristeći se neistinom, u budućnosti će se nositi sa djavolom.

„Sačuvajmo Djilasa“, on je zalog za živote pasa i mačaka, a u sledećem mandatu rešiće i problem ostalih zlostavljanih životinja koje srećemo na ulicama Beograda.

Udruženje za zaštitu životinja i razvoj građanske svesti “Feniks”
Udruženje za zaštitu životinja i životne sredine “Ljudi za životinje”
Udruženje „Pomoć životinjama-Help animals“


Dear citizens of Serbia,

The two-month performance at the biggest possible amphitheatre called the “election campaign” is currently taking place in Serbia.
The election campaign is a performance directed by self-interested parties who use modern technology in order to manipulate those who are less informed and politically savvy.

Dear voters, we are addressing you on behalf of those who do not have a say in the elections – our loyal and trusting friends – dogs and cats.

In the name of millions of dogs and cats killed (7000-10000 every year) in the killing station Ovcha until 2009 (, please remember the one person who fought on their behalf and banned the long-standing practice of catching and brutally killing stray animals.
Please remember that it was Mr Dragan Djilas, the mayor of Belgrade who banned the killing of dog and cats and by doing so Belgrade became one of only a few cities in Europe and beyond where it is against the law to kill stray animals.
Those who pursue their personal agendas and use lies to achieve their goals in the election campaign will have the devil to pay.

‘Save Djilas’, he pledged the life of dogs and cats and in his next mandate he will solve the problem of other abused animals that we so often meet on the streets of Belgrade.

Society for  the Protection of Animals and development of civic consciousness “Phoenix”
Society for the Protection of Animals and the Environment “Humans for Animals”
Society for the Protection of  Animals “Help Animals”