Ukraine: EURO 2012 Dog and Cat Killings – New Video Footage; And Please Support Campaigners With A Donation If You Are Able – Thank You.


WARNING Hard Images !!!   
It is 3 o’clock in the morning, Andrea comes back from a case where once again a dog has been poisoned.

He is very tired because it is getting more and more difficult to find vets who will treat the strays even though they have …no costs. (notice: the dog’s mouth has been tied closed to protect itself not to be cruel because the dog is in agony!!)

Part 2: you can hear and see how much this dog is suffering. Andrea reports that the dog has had an infusion and they hope he will survive. He provides the costs of course.

Then everything changes, the vet says she cannot keep the dog there because it is a stray and has no papers and therefore has no right to be in a clinic!! At 2 o’clock in the morning. Andrea reports there was an argument between the volunteers and the vet – he is going to officially report the incident!!!

Anyway the animal welfarists have to take the poor suffering dog with them.

Unfortunately at this hour they can’t find a clinic which will take over this case, so they spend the night with the dog in the car, hoping that the clinic will take over the treatment in the morning and that the dog survives the ordeal.

Andrea, who is pretty exhausted, finishes the video and says it would be a terrible blow if strays can no longer be treated because they have no papers and therefore no rights.

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A Ukraine woman has been organising protests within the Ukraine, which
includes Germany, France and Hungary