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Update 1/11/16.




The SumOfUs community has known for a long time that bee-killing pesticides are decimating pollinator populations. And it turns out that agro-chemical giants Syngenta and Bayer knew it too — but kept it secret from the public.

That’s right. Thanks to Freedom of Information Act requests, previously unpublished field trials commissioned by the two neonic manufacturers have been released showing that two neonic pesticides seriously harm bee colonies in high concentrations.

The studies are particularly damning because they prove that neonics don’t just harm bees at the field level, but can harm the entire colony.

Both Bayer and Syngenta have long minimized the clear impact neonic pesticides have on beesand now we know they knew it all along.




Tell Bayer and Syngenta to stop suppressing field data about bee-killing pesticides.

Just recently, Syngenta claimed that none of the field tests it commissioned found that the neonicotinoid thiamethoxam — the very chemical in this study — “damages the health of bee colonies.” Yet this newly uncovered study clearly suggests otherwise.

This isn’t the first time that key research into the effects of neonics on pollinators has been suppressed. Earlier this year, under pressure from Agro-Chemical corporations, the USDA was accused of silencing concerns from its own scientists that neonics were devastating bee populations.

This silence and suppression of science that could save the bees needs to end right now. Bayer and Syngenta need to prove to us they have nothing to hide with the safety of neonic pesticides. It shouldn’t take Freedom of Information requests to do that.

The big chemical companies can’t have it both ways — if the pesticides are as safe as they like to say they are, then it should be a no-brainer to release the field data. And if in fact there are deep concerns, the public deserves to know.

Enough suppressing field research. Demand that Syngenta and Bayer come clean about bee-killing neonics.

More than one third of the world’s supplies relies on pollinators. Here at SumOfUs we’ve been fighting tirelessly to make sure the destruction stops now, from supporting independent field research, to supporting the legal defense of scientists who’ve been muzzled, to showing up in person at Bayer’s doorstep. And last week, we helped raised vital funds to keep this campaign going. [a]

Together we’re stopping the world’s biggest companies in their tracks as they endanger the health of pollinators, our food supply, and our environment. Now, let’s make sure that Bayer and Syngenta can’t suppress science any longer.



Sign the petition to Bayer and Syngenta: come clean about bee-killing neonics now.

Thanks for all that you do,
Paul, Rosa, Toni, and the rest of the SumOfUs team


More information: 

Greenpeace Investigation Uncovers Studies Showing Pesticides Pose Serious Harm to Honeybees, EcoWatch, Sept 22, 2016
Pesticide manufacturers’ own tests reveal serious harm to honeybees, The Guardian, Sept 22, 2016

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The next few weeks are crucial to stop the nightmare merger between Bayer and Monsanto. We need to get our message to regulators right now.

Please call on EU Commissioner for Competition Margrethe Vestager and Head of the antitrust Authority in the U.S. Department of Justice to stop this merger from hell.

Sign the petition

click 1



In just a few weeks Bayer and Monsanto are getting ready to file their

merger with antitrust authorities in Europe and the U.S..

If they succeed, we are facing a nightmare scenario: more bee-killing

neonics in our fields, more toxic glyphosate on our plates, and more

corporate control over our food supply. 

Regulators can still stop this merger, but they’re already getting

hammered by corporate lobbyists pressuring them to back off.

That’s why we need to move fast — antitrust regulators have a limited

amount of time to take action, and the clock is already ticking.


Call on EU and US regulators to block the merger between Bayer and Monsanto and stop further concentration in the agrichemical sector.

With your help and the donations of thousands of generous SumOfUs

members around the world, we have already made great strides to stop

this merger from happening.

We hired some of the world’s top legal minds to prove that the merger is

a disaster, in violation of antitrust law and simply can’t go ahead.



We’ve published the results as a legal white paper and you have tweeted

and emailed the European and US antitrust authorities in a massive public

outcry against this deal.

We made sure that everyone from the Financial Times to Bloomberg reported

on our white paper.

We’ve turned up at any public event Bayer and Monsanto are planning to

protest this merger. Hollywood star Mark Ruffalo even shared the campaign

with his followers.

But to convince the regulators to step in, it will take a massive grassroots

outcry right now.


Call on the EU and U.S. antitrust authorities to block the merger now!

A Bayer-Monsanto merger is not inevitable.

We have seen again and again what happens when powerful corporations get

their way. The merger wave has led to banks deemed too big to fail and only 6

big big agrochemical corporations controlling almost everything we eat.

Farmers are being squeezed too, with higher prices and fewer choices.

It sounds grim — and it is — but we know we can stop this merger.

We did the impossible in 2014 when SumOfUs members helped stop Comcast

from acquiring Time Warner in an unprecedented takeover.

It was the Department of Justice that laid the finishing blow — but it was tens

of thousands of SumOfUs members and our allies us who made it happen.

Please call on the Department of Justice and the EU Commissioner for Competition to block this merger!

Thanks for all that you do,

Paul, Anne, Toni and the rest of the SumOfUs team




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