Egypt (Yet Again): Donkeys Electrocuted and Killed At Faculty of Veterinary (most probably Mansoura University) – Cairo.

The following message was sent to us:

This picture had been shared by our friends from S.P.A.R.E – Society for the Protection of Animal Rights in Egypt – with the following comment:

“That’s what happened in faculty of veterinary (most probably Mansoura University) the vets posted the photo today it was deleted … we are speechless about this cruelty … Already animals activists sue Cairo University (Fac of veterinary) for abusing animals (torturing dogs & killing a donkey with electricity)”

For the moment we do not know what exactly happened to these donkeys.

A while back students from the University of Cairo had reported that the staff of the Faculty Of Veterinary Medicine threw dogs off the third floor after experimenting on them, and that they had abused and electrocuted a little donkey to death.

Information is compiled in the following link. WARNING: videos are graphic (as you can imagine):

As said before, we know no details for the moment. We’ll keep you updated as soon as we know more.

For now, we kindly ask you to share this picture with as many as you can – perhaps someone can provide more information.

Thank you in advance.

Link and Petition:

Past SAV link associated with abuses at the faculty of veterinary medicine – Cairo University:












Australia / Egypt: Governments Both As Bad As Each Other – 32,000 Baby Australian Calves Stranded on Ship In Egypt – Petition To Sign – BAN LIVE EXPORTS !!

URGENT ! – Please sign this petition and pass on.

Blame the Australian government and Julia Gillard for allowing this to happen again – and again – and again.

This woman is gutless !! – So is the OIE – useless as ever !

Petition Link:

Help 32,000 Baby Cows Stranded in Egypt!

Target: Egyptian Ministry of Agriculture

Sponsored by: Chris Wolverton

An estimated 32,000 baby cows have been stranded aboard ships for six weeks at an Egyptian port after arriving from Australia. The Ministry of Agriculture is keeping them quarantined after fears that they were given cancerous treatments before boarding a vessel from Australia to Egypt, where they are planned to be slaughtered.

The cows remain on board their vessels in horrible conditions, waiting for the ministry to decide their fate. According to an al-Shorouk news report, they will likely remain on these ships for weeks as further tests take place.

This is not the first time when cows suffered on ships destined for Egypt. Earlier this year, 3,000 cows died on a ship after the Egyptian government refused to let them dock.

Thousands of animals are suffering and have died because of poor live export practices and lack of communication. Please urge the Ministry of Agricuture to offload the 32,000 stranded cows and take action to prevent similar situations from happening in the future!