Egypt (Yet Again): Donkeys Electrocuted and Killed At Faculty of Veterinary (most probably Mansoura University) – Cairo.

The following message was sent to us:

This picture had been shared by our friends from S.P.A.R.E – Society for the Protection of Animal Rights in Egypt – with the following comment:

“That’s what happened in faculty of veterinary (most probably Mansoura University) the vets posted the photo today it was deleted … we are speechless about this cruelty … Already animals activists sue Cairo University (Fac of veterinary) for abusing animals (torturing dogs & killing a donkey with electricity)”

For the moment we do not know what exactly happened to these donkeys.

A while back students from the University of Cairo had reported that the staff of the Faculty Of Veterinary Medicine threw dogs off the third floor after experimenting on them, and that they had abused and electrocuted a little donkey to death.

Information is compiled in the following link. WARNING: videos are graphic (as you can imagine):

As said before, we know no details for the moment. We’ll keep you updated as soon as we know more.

For now, we kindly ask you to share this picture with as many as you can – perhaps someone can provide more information.

Thank you in advance.

Link and Petition:

Past SAV link associated with abuses at the faculty of veterinary medicine – Cairo University:












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