Serbia: Constitutional Court Declares That Subotica City Is Killing Dogs and Cats Illegally – Setting A Possible Change Across All Cities In Serbia.

Campaigners in Serbia have very recently been informed of some very good news.

The Constitutional Court of the Republic of Serbia – comprising 15 judges, made a verdict that the 3. Community document of Subotica (town in Serbia) regarding the matter of the treatment  stray dogs/cats is illegal; it is unlawful and it must be changed.

This is what The Constitutional Court of Serbia has now demanded.

It is the same in all 170 cities in Serbia; but in every individual case for each and every city, it is necessary that the information be supplied to the Constitutional Court.  If this is undertaken, then changes will have to be made for stray dogs and cats in every city.

What this basically means is, that the Subotica city government,  in the period covering 2003 to the present day, some 9 years had  been undertaking illegal actions.

Slavica, on behalf of EPAR, made a request to the Constitutional Court saying that in Subotica city, the city is acting on unlawful  public documents relating to the treatment  of stray dogs and cats.

As we understand it, the regulations made by the local government  (Subotica city) must be in agreement to the legislations made by the Parliament of Serbia.

The Constitutional Court has declared for the third time that the methods used by the city for the killing of dogs and cats is illegal; and that the methods used for numbers (population) control is illegal, because euthanasia should only be used for animals which have an incurable illness or which are in the final stages of any disease that cannot be cured.

The following shows the letter sent by Slavica to the Constitutional Court regarding the existing policy of animal control in Subotica, followed by the letter from the Constitutional Court (6 pages) declaring the view of the court, that Subotica is acting unlawfully at this current time.

This is excellent news, and now gives every city in Serbia the opportunity to make contact with the Serbian Constitutional Court to present them with the information on how dogs and cats are being treated in (their) city.  Who knows, there may be 170 cities throughout Serbia who are currently killing dogs and cats in an unlawful way; a way not upheld by the laws of Serbia.

Congratulations to Slavica for leading the way with the issues in Subotica city.

Click on the following link to see the letter sent by Slavica:

EPAR oipa letter
Below is the formal response letter of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Serbia:

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