Serbia: Please Help Mariana Care for Desperate Strays in Serbia – Donations can be made via Paypal or Card Directly

Help Mariana care for desperate strays in Serbia


I am Mariana, from Novi Sad, Serbia.

I’m taking care every month about 20 strays dogs and puppies.

They need help especially for food,until I found them home.

If You want to help them, I have bank account:

Bank CREDIT AGRICOLE SRBIJA AD,  Novi Sad, IBAN RS35330153020124651503 ,

SWIFT: MEBARS22, Marijana Culum, Novi Sad Republic of Serbia.

Or this project:

I don’t have PayPal, but if You have Moneygram in your bank that is also ok.

This is my FB profile
To read more and donate; as well as see project donation progress, go to the secure site at:

Story of Marijana Culum:

…. “In the past year I have done a lot thanks to all of you who supported me and thanks to the people in “real” life, Association of Novi Sad and other individuals who are dealing with stray animals 🙂

Exactly 1 year ago, by a chance I went to one part of Novi Sad (Serbia), and was shocked how many pregnant dogs and the ones with little puppies were there on the streets…

And then what else could I do but to help them and advocate for some female with puppies, find them homes, sterilize & vaccinate them etc.

For past year I helped to sterilize 66 animals – 44 females and 17 male dogs, 4 female cats and 1 male. For sterilization we didn’t have to raise money because city of Novi Sad has provided free sterilizations for stray dogs. Almost 4 years since I am doing this for strays every single sterilization turned out well thanks to the vet’s office and people who helped.

From those who were sterilized some were adopted, some are still waiting for a home, and the new ones are coming …

Only in past year 41 stray were adopted – 5 adult female and 2 male, 18 female and 16 male puppies.

For all of them sterilization was provided.

Unfortunately, some of them weren’t that lucky to be adopted … but we won’t forget anyone of them:
– In Sep. 2011th, one of six Zuja’s puppies died but five were happily adopted,
– In October 2011th, Nina who was adopted get sick from distemper and didn’t make it,
– In December 2011th, Jenny female stray was hit by a car, smashed and euthanized
– In January 2012th, young brown puppy male was put down because he was sick, appeared
malnourished, his ribs could be counted; nervous type of distemper, was euthanized.
– In February 2012th, curled sweet puppy, nervous form of distemper. He really struggled 😦 too
painful to look at him shaking and crawling 😦
– In March 2012th, Ive and Mali were puppies who were suffering from piroplasmosis (This was the first time for me to meet with this disease and the puppies). I found them in the same area, within a week.
– In April 2012th, Male puppy about 4 months old, full of ticks, parasites, malnutrition, nervous form
of distemper. And this was a terrible thing to see and experience 😦
– In April 2012th, Mona puppy about 2 months, canine parvovirus

For me personally was pretty painful and disappointing to watch them die, each and every one of them had a specific character and appearance …

In the past month, 3 new males appeared (un-castrated) and 1 female who gave birth there and now has 3 puppies” ….

There are many people like Marjiana Culum who are taking care, feeding and do everything in their power to protect stray dogs in the street of Serbia … now they need our help.
Please don’t let that this story end here! Please if you can support our projects

More information:

1 news from the project – the latest from 13 October 2012

About the carrier of this project “Financial support for the animals in Serbia”

Location: Novi Sad, Serbia

Updated on 11 November 2012, published on 16 September 2012

England: Time Out With ‘Moz’ – Enjoy !

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Meat Is Murder

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Bosnai and Herzegovina: Latest News – Hreša Shelter – Please go to

Horror Shelter in Hreša PART TWO

For lots of latest news and many pictures please visit: 


(contact me for Jelena’s details to give them so they can verify the story)

Please donate to cover pension costs for the rescued dogs: ChipIn

Please sign and share the petition:
Demand Investigation into Horror Shelter in Hresa, Bosnia

Please contact the local authorities directly, see the post below. I’ll be redrafting a letter soon.

Past SAV Link =

A million reasons why there should NEVER be drilling for Oil in the Arctic !

A million reasons why there should NEVER be drilling for Oil in the Arctic !










Australia: How Much Lower Will Australian Politicians Sink ?- Now Possibly Cattle Exported To Egypt To Have Their EARS CUT OFF BEFORE Slaughter !! – Protest On The Link Below.

Here is some very disturbing information which we are now used to with Australian politicians:

A committee in Egypt is recommending that all Australian cattle exported to Egypt have their ears painfully cut off prior to slaughter. This comes after the discovery of growth-promoting hormones in the ears of some animals.

If this is allowed, not only will these animals suffer through the hellish live-export journey to Egypt, they also will be mutilated prior to slaughter.

In light of these reports, I have just asked Australia’s agriculture minister to take immediate action and place a ban on all shipments of Australian animals to Egypt. Please join me and do the same.

To take action on this issue, click on the link below:

If the text above does not appear as a link or it wraps across multiple lines, then copy and paste it into the address area of your browser.

If you no longer wish to receive email messages sent from your friends on behalf of this organization, please follow the link below:

Australia: Stand up to live export cruelty – Tell PM Gillard She Is A Perfect Animal Abuser That Decent People Around the World Hate.

WARNING: graphic images have been censored however this video is still distressing.

Live animal export is an inherently cruel trade, which is why it is opposed by every animal protection organisation throughout the world.

It continues for one reason only: profit. What might happen, if exported animals were deemed ‘unfit’ for human consumption and lost all of their economic value? It happened in Pakistan. The reality will shock you.

WARNING: graphic images have been censored however this video is still distressing.

Please – Stand up to live export cruelty

Today, every MP in Australia needs to hear one important message: The actions of the world’s largest live exporter, Wellard, have contributed to Australia’s worst live export disaster.

They must be held to account and lose their export licence.

How did it happen? When a shipload of 21,000 sheep was rejected by Bahrain, Wellard had no legitimate contingency plan (despite this being a requirement of their export permit).

They considered two options:

1.      Kill the animals at sea and dump their bodies overboard;

2.      2. Pakistan — a country that didn’t even have government approval to take sheep when the ship left Australia.

To avoid another disaster at sea, the Australian government fast tracked Pakistan’s approval to receive the sheep. But there was a glaring omission in this plan. Wellard failed to ensure that the Pakistan Government were willing to import a shipment that had been rejected by Bahrain over disease concerns.

Whether the animals were healthy or not became irrelevant — the Pakistan Government felt they had been deliberately deceived. Local authorities ordered the animals be culled, and Wellard lost complete control.

Deemed ‘unfit’ for human consumption, and without economic value, these animals were treated like worthless rubbish. Animals were dragged, beaten, their throats were sawn at with blunt knives before they were thrown into mass graves — some still alive hours later.

The Australian government has admitted that it’s beyond their control to prevent another ‘Pakistan’. MOUs with importing countries, to prevent shipments being rejected, have failed. Regulations to prevent cruelty on the scale seen in Indonesia last year, have failed.

What is profitable has never been the defining argument between right and wrong in any civilised society. It is offensive to the majority of caring people that profit continues to be used as justification for a trade that has been responsible for such suffering and cruelty.

If you are Australian – Please urgently call on your federal MP and the Minister (Bob Carr) and Shadow Minister (Julie Bishop) for Foreign Affairs to ensure that Wellard loses their export licence for their role in this disaster.

Importantly, please also remind your MP that you will not vote for a party that supports live exports.

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Dog ‘Death Camp’ Exposed – Please Take Action – See Below for More Details.

Information coming out is confusing – some says that most of the dogs have neen killed; other messages say not.

It will not hurt to send messages to the authorities regardless using the sample letters below.

The town of this shelter is near to Sarajevo; and we are informed that since its exposure by locals, many of the dogs have been killed.  Possibly some of the adult dogs and the puppies have been rescued by locals; but this is unconfirmed.



 … And please contact the Mayor of the district directly – by mail, email, telephone and fax. The dogs only hope is if we show the Bosnian Government that we know, and that we will not sit by and let these dogs suffer. 

Bojo Gašanović
Opština Istočni Stari Grad
Hreša bb,
71144 Hreša, Istočni Stari Grad,
Istočno Sarajevo

Telefon: +387 (0) 57 265 117
Fax: +387 (0)57 265 114


You can also contact the local commissioner:
Snjezana Jovicic +387 (0) 57 265 117

Sample Letter – better if you personalise it:

Dear Sir,

I request that the Government of Bosnian and Herzegovina, the Istocni Stari Grad authorities and municipality mayor Bojo Gašanović in particular, investigate the matter of the Hreša dog shelter.

We have reliable reports and eyewitness accounts substantiated by photographs that that over 50 dogs are being kept in inhumane conditions, without adequate food or water or veterinary treatment, that numerous dogs are kept in tiny cages, that dead dogs are left amongst living dogs. Furthermore, there are reports that any non-purebred dog caught by the shelter is killed, and that purebred dogs are stolen from owners and only released to the owner if a ransom is paid.

It is understood that Slaviša Jovčić, the manager of the shelter and director of Glog, the company that built the shelter, was promised 130 000 KM from the municipalities for the shelter, but the full amount of the money was never paid by the municipality and therefore Slaviša Jovčić cannot ensure the care of the dogs.

We demand that a full investigation is undertaken, that the municipality ensures that the facility is immediately provided with funds to care for these dogs. Modern practices must be implemented, giving food and fresh water and the facility be must kept sanitary and properly staffed with veterinary professionals so the animals are cared for and, ultimately, caring homes need to be found for these dogs.

This situation has sparked a global outcry and we look to the Bosnian and Herzegovinan justice system and authorities to conform with EU standards regarding animal welfare, and to apply the law that was passed in Bosnia Herzegovina incorporating these EU standards.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter.

Yours sincerely,

[your name here]

And in Serbo-Croatian:

Dragi gospodine,

Zahtevam da vlada BiH, vlasti Istočnog Starog Grada i posebno gradonačelnik općine Bojo Gašanović istraže pitanje skloništa psa u Hreši.

Postoje pouzdani izvještaji očevidaca koji su potkrepljeni fotografijama da je više od 50 psa su držani u nehumanim uvetima, bez adekvatne hrane ili vode ili veterinarskog lečenja, da brojni psi se drže u malim kavezima, koji su mrtvi psi među živih pasa. Nadalje, postoje izvješća da bilo koji nečistokrvni pas je uhvaćen od strane sklonište je ubijen, a da rasni psi su ukradeni od vlasnika i otpušteni njim, samo ako se plati otkupnina

Podrazumiva se da Slaviši Jovčić,u voditelju skloništa i direktoru Glog, drustvo koje je gradilo sklonište, obećali su 130 ,00 KM od općine za sklonište, ali puni iznos novca nikad nije bio plaćen od strane općine i stoga Slaviša Jovčić ne može da osiguri brigu o psima.

Tražimo da puna istraga se provodi, da općina osigurava da objektu odmah se osiguraju sredstava takoda se brinu za te pse. Moderni postupci moraju da se provode, hranu i svježa voda moraju da se daje i objekt mora da se čuva u sanitarnom stanju, s osobljem veterinarskih stručnjaka, tako da su životinje zbrinute i, u konačnici, brižni domovi treba da se nadje za ove pse..

Ova situacija je izazvala globalnu negodovanje i očekujemo od i pravosuđe i vlasti skladanje sa standardima EU-a o dobrobiti životinja, te primenje zakona koji je bio donesen u BiH i uključuje ove standarde EU-a.

Hvala vam za uzimanje vremena da pročitate ovo pismo.

Srdačno vaš,

[your name here]

ChipIn, please donate.

Or donate directly, but state it is for the dogs in Hresa: DONATE VIA PAYPAL 

Demand Investigation into Horror Shelter in Hresa, Bosnia

Target: Government of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Istocni Stari Grad authorities, Municipality Mayor Bojo Gasanovic

Sponsored by: Sandra Jensen for International Animal Welfare Advocates for Bosnia

UPDATE, NOVEMBER 3, 2012: Activists arrived today to find 40 dogs missing. Workers at the shelter said they had been killed and buried in a garbage dump. The activists managed to release and rescue a mother dog and her seven puppies and one other adult dog. They then had to leave the premises as they feared for their lives.

November 1, 2012

Reliable reports and eyewitness accounts substantiated by photographs show that over 50 dogs are being kept in inhumane conditions in the Hreša Dog Shelter, on the outskirts of Sarajevo.

They are completely without adequate food or water or veterinary treatment.

Numerous dogs are kept in tiny cages, one dog in a cage no larger than itself.

Dead dogs are left amongst living dogs. 


Witnesses say that any non-purebred dog caught by the shelter is killed, and that purebred dogs are stolen from owners and only released to the owner if a ransom is paid.

Winter is here, and with heavy snowfall and temperatures hitting -30 and no heating in the shelter, without immediate help many of these dogs will die. 

ChipIn to help the rescued dogs and for activists in Sarajevo to continue the investigation:

More information: Horror Shelter in Hresa

And: Horror Shelter in Hresa PART TWO

FaceBook Page: