Slovenia: A ‘Slaughterhouse for Bears’ – Please Act – Petition Etc.

Slovenia is year to year becoming a slaughterhouse for bears, which are considered as endangered species. This is unacceptable. What you can do immediately is to contribute your voice to bears and wolves.

We have prepared a petition that you can sign on the link

You also can write to the Government of the Republic of Slovenia on the attached mails.

Petition has been translated into German, English, French, Russian, Spanish, Croatian, Serbian and Italian and can be found on our website with the intention to inform the widest possible world public about what is happening at us.

On behalf of the animals, please inform acquaintances, friends, clubs, groups around the world, in order to collect as many signatures as possible.

Stanko Valpatič, president

Society for the Liberation of Animals and Their Rights
The Society for the Rights and Liberation of Animals, India
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The Association has the status of a society acting in the public interest.
Together we are building Slovenia, friendly to animals, nature and people. ·




Walter and ‘Chop’ – “I just wish some humans learn to do the same”

Photo Captures Attention and Hearts All Over the World

Walter Daniels and Chop have spent almost twenty years together; he was rescued as a puppy. 

It’s hard for Daniels to talk about their time together because 19-year-old Chop is nearing the end of his long, happy life.

“What he means to me? I can’t put into words.”

He suffers from arthritis and has trouble sleeping, so to ease his pain, Daniels takes him swimming and Chop will fall asleep in his arms.

“Not too many more times are we going to be able to do this.  So every time now it’s a pretty special feeling….the buoyancy it gives him in the water relieves the pain, or at least some of it to the point where he’s relaxed,” said Daniels with Chop by his side.

“You give love and that love will return ten fold, that’s what I want people to get from this photograph,

“I just wish some humans learn to do the same said Daniels.