Serbia: Unlawful Killing Of Animals By The City Of Smederevo – Please Take Action.

Serbian  Flag

Smederevo ozakonilo eksperimente nad životinjama?!

News from Slavica in Serbia.

The following link is a newspaper article relating to the unlawful killing of animals by the city of Smederevo.

The Smederevo authorities appear to be making up their own laws on animal welfare, including killing; rather than undertake the official stance as defined by the Constitutional Court.

The Smederevo policy as it currently stands is in full disagreement with Article 46 of the Veterinary Law, as well as Articles 7 and 15 of the Serbian law for animal welfare.

The selling of stray dogs to laboratories is forbidden by law, and yet it appears to be happening in Smederevo city.  This must be considered as criminal trading and making unlawful profit by the same process.

Immediate public and global action needs to be taken against the authorities of Smederevo city who are responsible for these illegal actions.

The e mail addresses and telephone numbers for the Smederevo authorities – those who are responsible for this illegal action is as follows:

Načelnik Gradske uprave: Milijana Novaković
Zamenik načelnika Gradske uprave: Zoran Anđelković

√ Kontakt:


You can ask the city Mayor about the illegal killings via the following link:

Ask the city Mayor

Your question can be sent by e mail to:  or you can submit it online via contact form on the Smederevo website page –

Slavica (EPAR) has just written to the Serbian Constitutional Court regarding Smederevo city.  Learning from recent work and Constitutional Court approval of her wrok in Subotica city for the animals there, Slavica is hopeful of a positive result also regarding Smederevo.

Under the verdict of the Constitutional Court, Subotica must now make new legislation / regulation for the stray animals.  The Subotica authorities made a new regulation on 27/9/2012 associated with the numbers control of stray dogs and cats.  But this new regulation states the word ‘euthanaia’ which is in direct opposition to Article 46 of the Serbian Veterinary law and which also is in opposition to Article 7 on the law relating to animal welfare.

And so it can be said that Subotica city is still writing illegal regulations.  This information is currently being submitted to the Serbian Constitutional Court, and it is hoped that it will be in full agreement that Subotica is acting illegally by writing this new regulation, which is in disagreement with national legislation.

In the last few months a lot of information has been given again to the Constitutional Court.

Information relates to:

1.            Regulation.  Named: Programme in matter of control of stray dogs/cats population number in Subotica.

2            Document.  Regulation named: Pravilnik and made by Ministry of Agriculture of Serbia about hunter dogs which are allowed / permitted to fight.

3.         Law associated with hunting and wild-animals.

4            And now this Smederevo municipallity created official regulation in which says that shinters could sell cats and dogs to laboratories – to be used for experiments, or alternatively kill them by “humane euthanasia“ after 10-30 days from being caught –  both ways are in opposition to laws. Hopefully this would be fairly easy to win as the law is very clear on this matter.

So now Slavica waits for results to the above four actions.

As before when Slavica had had good verdicts; there are 15 judges at the Constitutional Court of Serbia who will work together to review the evidence.

The court was on Slavica’s side in all 3  past cases as she provided very precise, correct and detailed information.  Now we have to wait and see what will be the verdict of these 4 cases.


US, Smederevo 1


US,Smederevo,3,Sl list grada




US, Smederevo 1


US,Smederevo,3,Sl list grada

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