Romania: Exposed – Dogcatchers Pocketing EU (Animal Welfare) Provided Funds For Themselves, Why Animals Are Left To Starve And Die. THE EU Politicians MUST ACT !



Above – Remember him –  we have exposed this person from the Romanian Animal Mafia before




Romanian dogs are starving – EU money being given to authorities to care for dogs, but money going elsewhere.

We aim to provide all the information to EU authorities asking why the animal  mafia of Romania is being allowed to take the money given for animal welfare issues to the Romanian authorities.

We may have an English translation of the German video information over the next few days.  We will post this if it becomes available – SAV.

European Youth Olympic Festival in Brasov (Romania) 2013 – but No Fair Play for Street Dogs!

Please take action now!

Disturbing photos as above also shown in video links below.

Every voice counts from across the world.

Please can all national and international animal protection groups come forward to help this dire situation in Romania.

Please politely protest to these email addresses about the  dogs who are allegedly being starved and those dogs that have already been killed!-

Please note you can use your google translator to translate the German information on the links below concerning these poor Romanian dogs 

Sent: Saturday, December 15, 2012 10:31 AM

Subject: NEGATIVE UPDATE – (RO) Brasov: <European Youth Olympic Festival> in Brasov 2013 – but No Fair Play for Street Dogs

We have just received the information that as of yesterday, Dec. 14th, the mayor of Brasov has banned AW advocates from feeding the dogs at the shelter Brasov-Stupin. The animals will die.

Please spread and take decisive action.

European Youth Olympic Festival» in Brasov 2013 – but no fair play for street dogs!

The Olympic Winter Festival of the European Youth takes place in Brasov in 2013.

The Olympic village and all venues lie close to this town in the South East of Romania. The communities participating are Predeal, Rosenau (Rasnov), Poiana Brasov and Brasov itself.

To expect the setting of a humane example and fair play is difficult owing to the fact that over 30,000 dogs have been killed in the area in the last few years, and even now hundreds of dogs are starving to death in the local and council-run pounds of Brasov Stupin and Rasnov.

The council funds end up in the pockets of dog catchers – first and foremost amongst those the known animal abuser Flavius Barbulescu (see photo above) and his unscrupulous vet  Filip Ailin.

The impounded dogs, at this moment some 400 animals, receive no veterinary attention whatsoever, and proper food only when it is fed and paid for by AW activists.

Mayor Scripcaru holds a very cynic view on the matter and is happy to let the animals starve. The mayor of Rasnov also has made himself a name as dog hater and by completely ignoring current animal welfare legislation.

The German ARD TV station has shown a documentary on Dec. 8th 2012 about the machinations of Romanian dog catchers titled “a dog’s life in (Ro) shelters)”

… TV-Mitschnitt      (link to TV recording)

It is not different in Brasov Stupin: (Caution – cruel scenes from 2011)

… Video

At this moment some 250 dogs suffer in Brasov Stupin!

Current videos from 30.11. 2012(WARNING – Distressing Scenes of animal suffering)

… Video 1

… Video 2

… Video 3

… Video 4

… Video 5

… Video 6

… Video 7

… Video 8

No Fair Play for street dogs: Rasnov disposes of all dogs in the run-up to the “European Youth Olympic Festival” in February 2013.

… Video

The machinations of the dog catcher mafia slams the breaks on animal welfare in Romania

… Current situation in Brasov in August 2012

… Report on current situation in Brasov May 2012

Report by Petra Zipp (BMT) of 04. May 2012 (with Protest addresses)

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