UK / Netherlands: (UK) Live Export Policing Goes Over £400,000 in 18 Months – (NL) New Film Released Re EU Long Distance Live Animal Transport Investigations.



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UK – Ramsgate animal export demos ‘cost £400,000 to police’

Officers have policed a series of protests since live exports moved to Ramsgate

Policing protests against live animal exports from Ramsgate has cost Kent Police more than £400,000 over the last 18 months, the force has revealed.

A report to Kent’s police and crime commissioner, Ann Barnes, showed there were 15 arrests and two police officers injured during demonstrations in 2012.

Ms Barnes said policing the protests was a “no-win situation”.

But Councillor Ian Driver, who is one of the protest organisers, said he believed police costs to be nearer £1m.

The issue of the export of livestock has caused controversy in Kent for decades, beginning in Dover.

Dover Harbour Board halted the trade in April 2011, prompting the move to Ramsgate which is owned by Thanet District Council.



‘Beyond peaceful protest’

The report, prepared by Chief Constable Ian Learmonth, said the primary role of Kent Police was to facilitate the lawful export trade and the right of people to protest peacefully.

But it said that events at Ramsgate in the latter half of 2012 went beyond peaceful protest.

Ms Barnes said if police deployed too few officers and someone got hurt they would be blamed, but if there were too many it would be considered a waste of money.

“They are in a bit of a no-win situation,” she said.

Councillor Ian Driver said he believed the full cost of policing was nearer £1m

“They have to put enough people there to make sure everybody is safe and to allow the trade to continue.

“Whatever we say, it is a legal trade. The protesters can’t stop it, Thanet Council can’t stop it and it has to be policed.”

But independent councillor Mr Driver disputed the police figures.

“The chief constable doesn’t count all the logistical support for policing the demonstration,” he said.

“He is not counting the cost of the intelligence gathering work and nor has he counted the legal costs to the police force.

“My figure is more like £1m that has been spent.”

Mr Driver also said that of the 15 arrests, five were “nothing whatsoever” to do with the protests.

“Of the other arrests only one person has gone to court, who went to appeal, and Kent Police’s case was thrown out,” he said.



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And also, the EU is failing animals in transport – (Yet) another investigation shows.

One day possibly, the EU will actually do something positive for all the money it takes from member states.  Animal transport is a huge issue within the EU, and we call for improvements and changes to be introduced immediately.

** WARNING ** – The following video link shows extreme animal suffering.  This is the reality of long distance animal transport in some parts of the EU, and also from the EU to non member states such as Turkey.

(EN) Dearest donors and friends,

Today we are releasing a new film, that we made together with the Animal Welfare Foundation and Compassion in World Farming, to the media in Europe and Turkey. As you know, we use our reports, photos and videos to lobby and educate the European Commission, to complain to the Member State officials and to train the police so that more livestock trucks in violation are stopped and sanctioned.
But we hope that by sharing video- footage with animal-welfare campaign groups and with the media, we can get the world to know about these animals that become dehydrated, exhausted and scared during these difficult journeys.

The film has video scenes taken from our most recent investigations at the Turkish border, but also of EU animals going to other countries far away.
As usual, we are calling for an end to live export. Sadly, with the economy not doing well, most EU countries and even the European Union are promoting expanding the trade in live animals…I am afraid we will not win this fight but we must continue to make people aware.  One day, this will all stop.

To view the new film, please click on

We would be really pleased if you could set it on your Facebook pages or other social media that you use. Passing it to friends and contacts by email as well.
Thank you for all your support and for caring,

(NL) Beste donateurs en vrienden,

Vandaag hebben wij een nieuwe film aangeboden aan de Europese en Turkse media  die we samen met Animal Welfare Foundation en Compassion in World Farming hebben gemaakt. Zoals jullie weten gebruiken wij onze rapporten, foto’s en video’s als ondersteuning om de Europese Commissie te informeren en hun kennis te vergroten, om klachten te sturen naar officiële vertegenwoordigers van de lidstaten  en om training te geven aan politie zodat zij meer veetransporten die de wet overtreden kunnen aanhouden en bekeuren. Maar wij hopen dat door het delen van ons materiaal met wat meer campagne gerichte dierenwelzijnsorganisaties en de media, wij de rest van de wereld kunnen laten zien hoe deze dieren er aan toe zijn: uitgedroogd, uitgeput en angstig tijdens deze vreselijke transporten.

De video bevat beelden van onze meest recente bezoeken aan de Turkse grens, maar ook van EU dieren die naar andere, nog verdere landen gaan. Zoals altijd verzoeken wij om een einde te maken aan deze transporten. Helaas, mede als gevolg van de economische crisis worden deze transporten door de meeste EU lidstaten evenals de Europese Unie, gepromoot en wil men zelfs uitbreiding van de export van levende dieren….. Ik ben bang dat we deze strijd gaan verliezen maar we moeten bezig blijven om de mensen zich bewust te laten worden van wat er zich afspeelt. Ooit zal er een einde aan komen.

Om de video te bekijken klik op

Wij zouden het op prijs stellen als jullie de beelden op jullie Facebook pagina zetten of andere social media die jullie gebruiken. En geef het door per e-mail aan jullie vrienden.
(DE)  Liebe Spender und Freunde,

heute veröffentlichen wir für die Medien in Europa und in der Türkei einen Film, den wir gemeinsam mit der Animal Welfare Foundation und der Compassion in World Farming erstellt haben. Wie Sie wissen, nutzen wir unsere Berichte, Fotos und Videos zur Lobbyarbeit und zur Aufklärung der Europäischen Kommission, für Beschwerdeschreiben an Mitgliedsstaaten und für Schulungen der Autobahnpolizei, damit mehr gesetzeswidrige Transporte gestoppt und geahndet werden können.

Wir wollen unser Filmmaterial mit anderen Tierschutzorganisationen und Medien teilen, damit die Welt von den Tieren erfährt, die auf diesen schwierigen Exportrouten unter Durst, Erschöpfung und Angstzuständen leiden.

Er beinhaltet Filmmaterial von unserem jüngsten Einsatz an der Türkischen Grenze, aber auch von Tieren aus der EU, die in andere ferne Länder exportiert werden. Wir fordern auch diesmal das Ende von Lebendtierexporten. Da die Wirtschaft aber schwächelt, fordern die meisten EU-Länder und sogar die Europäische Union den Ausbau des Handels mit lebenden Tieren…Ich befürchte, dass wir diesen Kampf nicht gewinnen können, aber wir müssen die Menschen weiterhin darauf Aufmerksam machen. Eines Tages wir dies ein Ende haben.

Klicken Sie bitte auf um sich den neuen Film anzusehen.

Wir würden uns wirklich sehr darüber freuen, wenn sie unseren Film auf ihre Facebook-Seite oder auf andere soziale Netzwerke, die sie verwenden, posten. Oder ihn einfach per E-mail an Freunde und Bekannte weiterleiten.

Vielen Dank für Ihre Unterstützung und Ihr Mitgefühl!

Lesley Moffat, MSc Ethology
Eyes on Animals
Director and inspector

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