Germany: ‘Fox Week’ 2013 and Hunting News.


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Germany – ‘Fox week’ and hunting news.

Dominik Storr, the lawyer involved with the Strasbourg case, has lodged a complaint with the Wuerzburg public prosecutor’s office.

He’s representing a number of ant-hunting initiatives (Lovis’ “  – “closed season for foxes”/ “Wildtierschutz Deutschland” – among them) who want to see some action against the local (Lohr and Marktheidenfeld/Northern Bavaria) hunting societies and the involved hunters who have killed 92 foxes during their annual “fox weeks” from 20.01. – 03.02.2013.

A copy of the Dominik Official document can be viewed here:

There’s a video with Dominik here – he’s the blond long-haired chap:

The programme/discussion group is about animal welfare issues.  The lady with the short grey hair is also pro-animal rights – she used to be with the local Greens, but is now retired. She is seen a lot now at protests etc;

Info on Lovis’ site, with article links:

92 tote Füchse – Wildtierschutz Deutschland zeigt Jäger an

** 92 dead foxes – “Wildtierschutz Deutschland” reports hunters **

This is Dag’s (Frommhold) site:

(Fox hunts pics:

All fox hunt pictures of recent ‘Fox Weeks’ are taken from:

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