Sweden / UK: Beagles transported into the UK from Sweden last night – 26/02/13



Beagles transported into the UK from Sweden last night

Wednesday, 27 February 2013, 13:45

Activists in Sweden blocked roads and chained themselves together to try and stop the Astra Dogs leaving Sweden for the UK.

They were pepper sprayed, assaulted and arrested. They witnessed two lorry loads of dogs being put on to planes.

They could hear the dogs crying, the dogs do not want to come here, they can sense what is coming. They will be terrified. This plane came to the UK late last night.

Here is a film from the dog transport leaving Sweden last night.

People did their best to stop it by chaining themselves and running after the transports, but were outnumbered by the police. One person was arrested, and has now been released.

These dogs ended up at ASTRAZENICA in Macclesfield.

Protest this Friday in London and Manchester.

Do You care…… then be there.


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