Mexico:: Eyes Gouged Out and Penis Hacked Off With A Knife – Sign the Petition Demanding Justice for Angelito NOW Plese.


Gobierno del estado de Ensenada Baja California:

I want justice for Angelito, the dog that was tortured, burned and maimed!!


Petition by

Sandra Rivera

Oxford, AL

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Here’s the link:

Without eyes, his sexual member ripped with a knife and burned on the back was located in Colonia Gomez Morin (Ensenada Baja California Mexico) an stray dog that was tortured by “humans”.

Hector Manuel Lopez Carrillo the person in charge of Canine Care Center explained that the dog is a stray, has no name, this dog that one time was white was found by staff of the center in the worst conditions. They indignantly reported the event due to the cruelty that this animal was attacked with.

The dog was on the main street of Colonia Gomez Morin, awaiting death, blind and very hurt, when they picked him up and moved him to the center, where he is since Monday.

This is the first time an animal is detected in these conditions, with obvious marks of torture, by one or more people who “apparently” gouged out his eyes, burned his back with a cigarette lighter and finally removed his penis with a knife or stabs.

The person in charge said that it is the first time that the center has reached an animal with such traces of torture.

He added that they daily collect injured animals and in poor condition because they are sick or have been run/hit by cars, but in this case the evidence of torture, made ​​the drivers to see the dog and report the matter to the Director of Medical Services.

This Tuesday they even doubted if it was better to put him to sleep or attempt to rescue, but he is suffering a lot and could be very difficult to rehabilitate without pain, plus he is completely blind.

He disclosed that there had been cases of animal in bad conditions but not that tortured, he acknowledged that unfortunately there is no law to protect them. Even when citizens have animals in an abusive situation, there is no law that obligates them to surrender their pets. If the dogs are in their property, the rescue cannot enter by force because their work is on the street.

PLEASE HELP ANGELITO SIGNING THIS PETITION because stray dogs such as Angelito deserve to be treated with respect. Whoever did this to him has to pay! This is such a horrible crime! Angelito is an innocent creature. The government needs to be severe with this kind of crimes!

Gobierno del estado de Ensenada Baja California, Gobierno del estado de Ensenada.
4 Patas – Asociacion Protectora de Animales de Ensenada, Asociacion Protectora de Animales de Ensenada

I want justice for Angelito, the dog that was tortured, burned and maimed in Ensenada Baja California Mexico!!

I want him to be taken care of no matter what.

[Your name]

Here’s the link:


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