Please Sign the Petition to the EU Regarding Horse Transport and Slaughter.



Please sign the petition to the EU regarding horse cruelty during transportation and also at slaughter.

 Subject: WG: Petition to EU-Member Andreas Erler BAN CRUELTY TO HORSES ….

Please, click on the link to hear the wonderful voice and song from Maria Daines!


I’ve started the petition “Andreas Erler,

BAN CRUELTY TO HORSES DURING TRANSPORT AND IN SLAUGHTERHOUSES ” and need your help to get it off the ground.

Will you take 30 seconds to sign it right now? Here’s the link:

Here’s why it’s important:

Link auf YouTube:

von: Annamaria Grabowski

Link auf YouTube:

von: Annamaria Grabowski

Link auf YouTube:

Mexico produces 78,000 tons p.a.
Argentina 57,000
Kazakstan 55,000
Brazil 21,000
Italy 16,000
Canada 18,000
Ukraine 13,000
Poland 18,000
Chile 10,000
Romania 14,000
Japan 200.000 horses
Senegal 9,5000
Columbia 6,000
Spain 5,000
China 150,000
Russia 80,000
Mexico 78,000
United States 25,000
(numbers estimated; by Wikipedia and Google)

Maria Daines`Song to Ban Horse Slaughtering:
Set Us Free:

You kill our souls you gonna carry this shame
Oh take a horse to water but he just won’t drink
I know your game no matter what you think
You wanna mess with me, I might knock out your teeth
Yeah all through history you wanna make us bleed an’ bleed
Well we got friends they all scratch our backs
The rope’s untied don’t take up the slack
Don’t go a pickin’ on me, they’re gonna set me free
They gonna set us free, they gonna set us free
Yeah all through history you never set us free
Well we got friends they all know the score
They’re right here breakin’ down the slaughterhouse door
They gonna set us free yeah, they gonna set us free
They gonna set us free, they gonna set us free
Oh the sun’s gonna shine on our backs they’re gonna set us free yeah
They’re gonna set us free, they’re gonna set us free
Oh the sun’s gonna shine on our backs n’ we’ll be runnin’ free…

Maria Daines/Paul Killington
17.2.06 All rights reserved
(mcps) ASCAP

You can sign my petition by clicking here.

Annamaria Grabowski

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Thank You!





Serbian Petition – Can You Get Us to 3,000+ Signatures Before the 17th April ?

Serbian  Flag

Serbia petition – Last Push.

Dear all; we have had a great week with the petition for stray animals prior to the meeting on 17th April.

At the time of writing we have collected over 2,480 signatures from around the world in less than one week, which is brilliant !

Although we are hearing of some more positive news from sources regarding the meeting on 17th, we need to keep the pressure up right until the day.

It would be great if we could achieve 3,000 signatures by the day of the meeting – Wednesday 17th.

Can you help us do this ?

Can you please pass on the link to all of your contacts and friends before the 17th, and ask them to give their support to the petition.  The more signatures we have from around the world, the better things will be.  Although we are confident that the meeting will be positive, we must not drop our guard now; we need to keep the campaign going up until the last minute.

Please do what you can to help us reach 3,000 signatures, or even go beyond.

Post meeting news will be posted on this site once we have accurate information on the outcome of the meeting.

DIRECT Petition link =

Or alternatively, you can go via the SAV site link which is given at the start of this post.

Thank you all for your help and support.


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petition pic

Please get everyone you know to do it NOW !!