UK: They Are Here Folks – You Did It !! – The Second Group of Pozega Dogs Have Safely Arrived in the UK.


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Pozega 2nd UK arrivals

Do you remember our very recent appeal for Rosaline ?

Pozega Rosaline

Well now she is here and safe in the UK.

Forget the bad past times at Pozega and look forward to the future.

Have a great new life little one.


A Message from Marie:


Our second group of Pozega dogs have safely arrived to the UK and are now on their way to their wonderful adopters/fosterer.

The VERY long awaited Romeo and Dooby to Carole Taylor.
Stunning Luna to Debbi Reddish.
Beautiful little Rosaline to Linda Trup Nee Ellis.
And handsome Varenne to Wendy Feather.

Watch out for the new photos once they have safely reached their new homes.

Thank you to everyone in this group that has made this possible!!!

With special thanks to the virtual adopters who supported these dogs while waiting for their happy ever afters:

Tina Dorn-Weaver for Rosaline.
Wendy Feather and Yvonne Adriana Aubeeluck for Varenne.
Carole Taylor for Dooby & Romeo.
And Rachel Stothers (Joanne Stothers) for Luna!

P.s. Varenne is going into foster with Wendy, so will now be looking for his own forever home…