An Act of Dog.


Huge art project captures the plight of shelter dogs |  via @hlntv

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When Mark Barone and Marina Dervan decided to start a nonprofit company to create a way to remember dogs that lost their lives in kill shelters, they had no way of knowing that the project would take on a life of its own.

At first glance, An Act of Dog seems to be a gallery of the faces of dogs. A closer look reveals that each picture has a date underneath, which represents the day the dog died in a shelter because it did not find a home.

While the project appears to be an overwhelmingly sad one, Barone and Dervan believe it carries a message that people need to hear.

An Act of Dog began in September 2011 with a focused objective: To raise $20 million to be given directly to funding no-kill shelters, foster groups and proactive marketing campaigns. Barone and Dervan decided to start the project after considering an adoption. They didn’t adopt at that time, but what they did learn startled them — the statistics that showed them 5,500 dogs died every day because they weren’t in no-kill shelters.

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SAV Comment:

Brilliant !!!

Save Santa’s Home – Stop Drilling In The Arctic !

Hi Mark,

I know who’s at the top of my naughty list this Christmas – Shell, Gazprom and any other oil company who wants to drill in the Arctic, wrecking Santa’s home.

Watch this video featuring beautiful footage of Arctic animals, and see how Christmas is going down for them. Sharing with your friends is a great way to put a smile on their face, while letting them know about the threat to the North Pole.

In September, 28 activists and two journalists went to the Arctic to peacefully protest plans to drill in the Arctic. Russian energy giant, Gazprom called in armed special forces to arrest them.

First they were accused of piracy, then hooliganism, spending two months in prison.

This week they were granted an amnesty… for a crime they didn’t commit. And as Pete Willcox, captain of the Arctic Sunrise, said: “There’s no amnesty for the Arctic.”

Gazprom’s bullying tactics make me so angry – we can’t let them get away with it. The campaign to save the Arctic will go on. It has to, otherwise Santa’s home really will disappear.



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