USA (Idaho): *** URGENT – Take Action Before 28/12 *** – Tell the Forest Service and BLM No Wolf-Killing Contests on Public Lands.


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They Want to Make a Game of Killing Wolves

Tell the Forest Service and BLM No Wolf-Killing Contests on Public Lands

The anti-wolf crazies are smelling blood and now they’ve organized a wolf-killing contest on public lands in Idaho.

A small anti-wolf group in Idaho is even trying to appeal to kids and families as if a body-count, wolf-killing contest is somehow a wholesome thing to do.

We’re trying to stop the hunt before it’s scheduled to occur on December 28 and 29 near Salmon, Idaho.

Join us in our outrage in telling the Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management to not allow the bloodshed to happen. They can stop this game of killing wolves. Tell these agencies they need to reverse course, follow their own rules, and prohibit contest participants from killing wolves and coyotes on federal lands.

If the hunt proceeds, participants would kill wolves and coyotes in a competition for prizes, including cash awards. Children as young as 10 can participate in the kill-fest. And event organizers are expecting up to 300 participants. Imagine the blood they could spill with that many people!  

Wildlife killing contest are ethically indefensible events – they are biologically and ecologically reckless, demean the immense ecological and economic value of predators, and teach children to trivialize the lives of animals.

Both federal agencies have regulations and policies that prohibit commercial, competitive events on national forests and other public lands without special permits, but both agencies are allowing the Idaho contest participants to hunt on their lands without complying with federal law.

Ironically, Dec. 28 is also the 40th anniversary of the Endangered Species Act, our nation’s safety-net for wildlife and the law that brought wolves back from the brink of extinction. We should be celebrating the return of wolves on that date, not slaughtering them for prizes. Demand that the federal agencies in charge of our public lands stop facilitating these killing contests and, instead, comply with their own rules and policies.

Time is running out for wolves in Idaho.

Join us in telling these federal leaders that contest hunts—especially one involving wolves—don’t belong on America’s public lands—in Idaho or anywhere for that matter.

For the Wild,

Bethany Cotton

Wildlife Program Director
WildEarth Guardians

** Important – Non US citizens can also sign and send a letter – just scroll down and select ‘other countries’ rather than a US state.