Germany: What Do You Call A German Hunter Who Shoots An Elephant 20 Times After A 30km Chase ? – Answer: Ministry ‘Conservationist’ Mr Udo Wedekind !!!


At first; the facial images of the so called ‘man’ who killed the elephant in Botswana were blanked out.  Nobody was supposed to see him.

But now we have his full face photo and can present it to the world.

 german shoots elephant 1

Above – German ‘so-called conservationist’ Udo Wedekind poses alongside the 3 ton 7 metre elephant which he chased for 30km and which was shot over 20 times before dying

These images can now be sent to his colleagues at the ministry which is supposedly involved with …. that of ‘Animal conservation’ !!!

Below you will find the link which shows current prices for ‘hunting’ and killing animals in Zimbabwe, along with pictures of many animal killing cowards who have their photos displayed on the website: – the photos are graphic in many cases.



The elephant which was killed by this hunter ‘conservationist’ was in Botswana

What neither of the articles says about this ‘conservationist’ is that the elephant was shot 20 times, and it tried to flee repeatedly, was chased for some 30 km before finally, slowly, dying.

The guy is claimed, by his own admission, to be a “passionate hunter”, and has numerous trophies at home.

Conservation of species – He is quoted as saying that nobody had a right to tell him what to do or not to do, and that “my whole place is full of dead and live animals”.

A few years back he shot a male lion, who fled injured, and was only much later found and put out of his misery due to injuries. The trophy allegedly hangs on the wall of his office.

He’s now been moved, after protests, to the department of agriculture in Thuringia, of which he will be the president …


Above – ‘Conservation ‘ officer (aka hunter) Wedekind stands behind the elephant after a ‘tough hunt in hot conditions’.  His end result – ‘a real hunting victory’ !

NY Daily News link: 

German animal conservationist brags about killing elephant

German civil servant Udo Wedekind appeared in photos from an elephant hunt in Botswana, posing over the dead body of a three-ton pachyderm. The photos were allegedly taken at the same time Germany was appearing at conference in the country about elephant shooting. At the time, it was legal for foreigners to hunt the beasts, but a ban has since been imposed.

By David Harding / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS

A German official whose job includes environmental protection and care of endangered species is being urged to resign after he boasted about shooting an elephant dead in Botswana.

A three-ton elephant has been gunned down by a German hunter who works as a conservation officer.

Udo Wedekind, whose job includes taking care of endangered species, was on a hunting trip to Botswana.

After gunning down the jungle beast, complete with ivory tusks, the German civil servant posed for trophy pictures, reported Thueringer Allgemeine newspaper.

He sent these to friends in Germany.

Alongside the images, he wrote:

“The hunt was tough, it was 37 degrees in the shade and was really humid. There was also thick bush, making the going tough,”

“It was really a challenge. I’m so happy that it ended with a real hunting victory.”

Botswana has passed a law banning elephant hunting by wealthy foreigners, who pay up to $50,000 for a license. However, Mr. Wedekind’s trip took place last year, before the ban was in force.

But his trip coincided with a Botswana conference on elephant shooting, which discussed ways of clamping down on the illicit ivory trade. German officials attended the event.

A German government official said “it wasn’t of interest” what civil servants got up to in their spare time as long as it was not illegal !!!

It is not the first time hunting in Botswana has proved controversial.

Two years ago, Spanish King Juan Carlos was widely criticized after pictures emerged of him standing beside the carcass of a dead elephant.

His trip came as Spain had entered a painful economic downturn, leading to claims he was out of touch with the people.

UK newspaper article link on the recent killing:

German conservation official shoots an elephant and poses with its corpse in Botswana

  • Udo Wedekind shot dead elephant in Botswana, south Africa, last year
  • Posed for photos alongside its corpse, before boasting about its size
  • From trunk to tail, it was 7.24m long and weighed three tonnes,’ he said
  • Mr Wedekind’s job includes the protection of endangered species
  • Commercial hunting was banned in African country last month

By Sophie Jane Evans


A German conservation official has shot dead an elephant in Botswana – before posing with its corpse.

Udo Wedekind, whose job includes environmental protection and care of endangered species, fired at the animal during a hunting trip in the African country last year.

He then posed for two pictures with its carcass, before boasting about its size and weight.

Boastful: Udo Wedekind poses beside the corpse of an elephant during a hunting trip in Botswana, South Africa

The senior regional government official – named as Mr Wedekind by Thueringer Allgemeine newspaper – then sent the photos to his friends in Germany.

Alongside the images, he wrote: ‘From trunk to tail the elephant was 7.24metres long. I would estimate he weighed in at about 3 tonnes.

”The hunt was tough, it was 37 degrees celsius in the shade, and was really humid. There was also thick bush, making the going tough.

‘It was really a challenge. I’m so happy that it ended with a real hunting victory.’

Sad: The German official, whose job includes environmental protection and care of endangered species, then boasted about the elephant’s size and weight. Above, Mr Wedekind waves from behind the animal’s carcass

Ban: Last month, Botswana banned elephant hunting by wealthy foreigners – some of whom were willing to pay up to £20,000 for a licence to shoot the animals.

Last month, Botswana passed a law banning elephant hunting by wealthy foreigners – some of whom were willing to pay up to £20,000 for a licence to shoot the animals.

However, Mr Wedekind’s hunting trip took place last year – before the ban came into force.


At the time of his trip, a conference about elephant shooting was taking place in the country.

The meeting – attended by several German officials – discussed ways in which to protect the species and the banning of the illegal ivory trade.

Today, Thueringen’s regional government environment minister, Juergen Reinholz, said: ‘It is not of interest what civil servants do in their free time as long as they follow the law and don’t break the rules.’


And finally ….

German article of today. The number of hunters (SAV – or is that ‘conservationists’ ??) in this country is steeply rising: 2013 a plus of 13.5 %. Men AND women.

 german hunting rises graph

Text from the article in red says, “Hunters fufil a statutory duty, to which they are committed. They are the only officially recognized voluntary conservationists” (quote by the DJV – Germany hunting society)

Mo., 03.02.2014

13,5 Prozent Zuwachs: Zahl der Jäger steigt

Berlin/Münsterland – 361.557 Menschen haben 2013 einen Jagdschein gelöst. Das sind knapp 4.500 oder 1,2 Prozent mehr als im Jahr zuvor. Seit der Wiedervereinigung steigt die Zahl der Jäger in Deutschland. Im vergangenen Jahr waren es 13,5 Prozent mehr Waidfrauen und -männer als 1991. Dies geht aus einer Statistik hervor, die der Deutsche Jagdverband (DJV) anlässlich der Messe Jagd und Hund vorstellte.

Eine aktuelle Befragung unter angehenden Jägern zeigt auch: Von der Hausfrau über Schüler und Facharbeiter bis zum Arzt sitzen Vertreter aller Berufsgruppen gemeinsam in den Vorbereitungskursen. Jäger kommen aus der Mitte der Gesellschaft. Der Frauenanteil liegt laut Umfrage bei 20 Prozent – doppelt so viele wie in der Jägerschaft. 120 bis 180 Pflichtstunden zu Themen wie Biologie, Jagdrecht, Wildbrethygiene, Schießwesen oder Natur- und Artenschutz müssen absolviert werden – entweder in Abend- oder Kompaktkursen. Am Ende wird eine staatliche Prüfung abgelegt.

Eine solide Ausbildung der Jäger wird immer wichtiger, betont DJV-Pressesprecher Torsten Reinwald: „Die Jagd steht mehr und mehr im öffentlichen Fokus. Jäger erfüllen einen gesetzlichen Auftrag, dem sie Rechnung tragen müssen. Sie sind die einzigen staatlich geprüften ehrenamtlichen Naturschützer.“

SAV Comment – from the above it is clear that in Germany the term ‘conservationist’ does not really differentiate from that of the term ‘hunter’ – both conservationists and hunters appear to be totally committed to killing animals as part of their ‘statutory duty’.   Any excuse for a good killing regardless – either by hunting or conservation; it is a statutory duty.  Lets hope that Udo Wedekind will forever suffer as a result of his so-called ‘conservation’ practices.  Elephant Karma – bring it on !!

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