Romania / EU: Press conference from 12 February, 2014 at the EU Parliament on the mistreatment of dogs in Romania.



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Video: kindly provided by the Press Center of the EU- Parliament

SubjectPress conference from 12 February, 2014 at the EU Parliament on the mistreatment of dogs in Romania

On December 4, 2013 a delegation of the European Parliament went to Romania and had some meetings with Romanian officials ANSVSA- Sanitary-Veterinary and Food Safety National Authority and the Mayor of Bucharest. The delegation members were assured that the law on dog management was a law on “adoption, not on “euthanasia” and the citizens had access to public shelters which were totally transparent and complying with the law

On January 28, the delegation returned to Romania in order to inform themselves on the situation directly on site by visiting as well dog shelters of the city halls.

The Delegation found that there was a major discrepancy between what the authorities had told them during their first visit and what they found on site during their second visit.

On 12th of February, 2014, the Vice-Chairman of the AGRI Committee and Vice-Chairman of the Animal Welfare Intergroup, MEP Janusz WOJCIECHOWSKI (ECR) together with the Vice-Chairman of the Animal Welfare Intergroup MEP Andrea ZANONI (ALDE) hosted a press conference in relation to their recent visit to Romania.

MEPs addressed concerns regarding the situation of stray dogs in light of the recently adopted Stray Dogs Euthanasia Law by the Parliament of Romania aimed at culling the stray population, and presented their reflections and conclusions and put forward plans, recommendations and possible initiatives in search of a solution on how to address the issue.


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England (UK): Badger Welfare Groups – 1; UK Government ‘Experts’ – 0. The Farce That Is Known As The Badger Cull Trials of 2013.


and for our non UK international friends, here is the brilliant Brian May – badger welfare campaigner and guitar hero, with ‘Queen’, top rockers in the past until the sad death of Freddie Mercury.

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‘ineffective and failed humaneness test’

Although this could very easily said about the Cameron Conservative politicians and National Farmers Union (NFU) which supported the mass kill on the advice of a so called ‘Chief Veterinarian’, we are actually talking about the words used by an independent scientific assessment of last year’s pilot badger culls in parts of Gloucestershire and Somerset has (England) which concluded that they were not effective.

As we in the animal welfare movement said right from the start, the cull would be detrimental to animals welfare, a complete waste of public money, and show our alleged ‘expert’ politicians and farmers leaders for what they really are – ineffective

Please click on the above BBC News report for a full detailed analysis of the cull as reported by Pallab Ghosh.

Below – ‘Correct from the Start’ Brian May

the voice for the badger and the animal welfare groups

Brian May Badgers


Badger cull in numbers:

50% or fewer badgers were killed than target figure

·         6.4% – 18% badgers took longer than five minutes to die

·         1,771 number of badgers culled*

·        £7.29m estimated cost of badger cull, according to animal welfare charity*

Source: Independent Expert Panel, Care for the Wild*

We hear and read of many ‘experts’ from Defra, the government Ministry, as well as the ‘experts’ from the NFU, and ‘expert’ Mr Nigel Gibbens, the Chief Veterinary Officer; but the fact is that they were all wrong and the badger welfare groups were right from the very start.

From the BBC; “Defra said that it did not know when the report would be submitted by the IEP or when it would be published, stating only that “no deadline had been set”. A spokesperson added: “We knew there’d be lessons to be learned from the first year of the pilot culls which is why we’re looking forward to receiving the panel’s recommendations for improving the way they are carried out, because we need to do all we can to tackle this devastating disease.”

Can we suggest that the biggest lesson to be learned is that despite you all being very over zealous and self opinionated with regard the cull; you actually know very little.  There are other ways of addressing Bovine TB, which includes vaccination; so possibly before you all set off for future culls in the dark of night which will end up with no positive results, can we suggest that you look first and foremost into animal vaccination as the future for controlling this disease.

Over the past months we at SAV have given lots of time and posts to this badger cull – the ‘be all and end all’ as far as the politicians and farmers were convinced.

Once again the animal welfare lobby got it right, the government, chief vets and the NFU got it wrong; very wrong, at the cost of many animals lives.  And what have they learned now ? – very little we suspect; they only regard the killing of badgers as a solution to the issue of bovine TB.

UK Press reports and links for the end of February 2014:

          “The revelations are the most damaging yet and will make it challenging for ministers to justify their aim of rolling out further culls across the country”.

 – “Before the negative news about the south-west pilots broke on Friday (28 February), NFU director general Andy Robertson said selective culling might be operationally easier and more acceptable to the public”.

The Independent reports that the UK Government’s highly controversial badger cull has suffered a further setback after it released figures which showed it had exaggerated the case for the cull”.

 Links to see some of our previous SAV posts about the English badger cull:

Below – The ‘experts’ responsible for this complete and utter farce:


Above – Minister and ‘Expert’ Owen Paterson – with ‘Expert’ Prime Minister David Cameron.

Bring on the UK General Election of May 2015; and a much more viable government to replace the joke that exists in the UK at present.

Badger Welfare Groups – 1;  UK Government ‘Experts’ – 0.

Obvious to most sensible people in the UK from the very start !!

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Romania: The Mask Is Off ‘IREC’ – Please Read Very Interesting Information Via Link Provided.


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We have been sent the following very informative information today – 28/2/14.

Can we ask you please to have a good look at the following site, which we think you will fine very, very interesting.  Please distribute the link as necessary.

Message: PLEASE; everybody please join this page and invite friends…it is of PARAMOUNT importance that all those who fight for the right TO LIVE for stray dogs, to UNDERSTAND WHO started the MASS HYSTERIA, and who instigated to HATE towards these animals AND their protectors ( rescuers, animal rights advocate, registered organizations and so on….) These people  from IREC manipulate, and try to gain support from abroad from similar DOGS HATERS groups…with INACCUARTE information...Please also read and share the note in the second link…
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