Facebook Page for cctv In Serbian Slaughterhouses Launched – Lush to Support Scotland for Animals In Wanting ALL Scottish Slaughterhouses Fitted With cctv.


slaughterhouse cctv

A Facebook page for Serbia calling on the mandatory installation of cctv in all EU slaughterhouses has now been established.  It can be accessed via the link immediately below.

Serbia is currently undergoing procedures to become a future EU member state; therefore it is necessary that Serbia as well as all current EU member states install cctv into their slaughterhouses to ensure the better protection of animals.


SAV past link:


The cosmetics company Lush has agreed to formally endorse Scotland for Animals’ (SfA) campaign for mandatory CCTV.

During discussions SfA asked if they would also support the Alliance and they have now agreed to do this also.

Lush has stores across Europe so this is a massive boost.

See press release below.

Lush pledges support for mandatory CCTV

Cosmetic Giant Lush has pledged it’s support for the campaign for mandatory CCTV in Scottish abattoirs.

Charity Scotland for Animals is pressing for a change in the law to legislate for compulsory monitoring of killing areas in slaughterhouses.

Lush Spokesperson Rebekah Chapman: “We support Scotland for animals in their campaign for mandatory CCTV in slaughterhouses because every sentient being deserves dignity in dying. It has been proven by undercover footage and first hand accounts that this legislation is overdue”.

“We will continue to pressure the Scottish Government alongside SfA until the issue receives adequate recognition in parliament and a law which protects those most vulnerable – animals facing slaughter – is in place. This law not only protects animals, but improves the working conditions of slaughterhouse employees.”

Scotland for Animals Spokesman John Patrick: “It’s a privilege to have Lush backing our campaign, we look forward to working together”.

“The Scottish Government is sinking to ever grubbier depths in order to dodge doing the right thing here. Scotland needs to lead the way and ensure proper protection of animals at time of slaughter.”


Scotland for Animals initiated and has led the campaign for the introduction of legislation for mandatory, independently monitored CCTV in all slaughterhouses in Scotland.

In 2012 Scotland for Animals successfully pressed for the setting up of a Scottish Parliamentary Sub-Group to investigate possible changes to the law.

 Legislation for mandatory CCTV could be implemented via an amendment to the Animal Health and Welfare (Scotland) Act 2006 and the Welfare of Animals at Time of Killing (Scotland) Regulations.

A joint Central Office of Information/ Food Standards Agency report was released in December 2012. This documents serious issues regarding bullying and harassment within abattoirs. Please see attached.

In September 2013 Scotland for Animals were expelled from the Scottish Parliamentary Cross Party Group on Animal Welfare for exposing removal from Parliamentary minutes of admissions by government officials that they lied regarding claims that mandatory CCTV could not be implemented under new national slaughter legislation.

Scotland for Animals are co-founders and sole Scottish representatives of the European Alliance for CCTV in Slaughterhouses. The Alliance will be formally launched in February.

slaughterhouse cctv

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