Serbia: 27/02/2014 – Latest (Winter) News From Danica At Shelter ‘Felix’ – Please Help With A Donation If You Can – Thank You.

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Here below is the new update from Danica regarding this last winter at shelter Felix.

As you can read; several young animals are very poorly and in need of veterinary treatment, which is costing a lot !  There is also the need for constant funds to keep the gas bottles loaded up so that they can supply warmth to the animals at the shelter.

If you can help with a donation, no matter how small or large, please do it and help the animals at shelter Felix.

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The Blogspot enables you to donate online using Paypal, and also provides full bank details should you wish to send a donation via your own bank.

Some great news is that SPCA International recently published a story of Felix shelter, which you can see by clicking on the following link:

Please give anything you can this winter to help the cats at shelter Felix – Thank you – SAV 


Danica writes as follows:

These last few weeks have been nothing less than hectic.  After a somewhat balmy start to this winter, a cold spell and snowstorms swept through Serbia and blizzards wreaked havoc at the beginning of February. Many vehicles were snowed in, the roads were blocked and had been rendered impassable by blasting snow and powerful winds, so a state of emergency was declared. Military helicopters were deployed to rescue travelers that had gotten stuck in drifts. The army, police, firefighters and rescue teams were all in the field, the border with Hungary was closed while the Felix kitties, cozily tucked in their rooms, were awaiting nicer weather in their snowed-in home, cut off from the world by snowfall…



Real winter came briefly and went away again, a few days of spring-like weather followed just to be replaced by rain, but as long as there’s no new snow, we have nothing to moan about. Hopefully March won’t bring some unpleasant surprises but one can never know…  Central heating is on, thanks to the tremendous generosity of our friends and supporters – we managed to fill our gas tank for the second time this winter a couple of weeks ago and not a minute too soon, as there was almost no fuel left when the gas delivery truck pulled into the shelter at last. Unfortunately, the health conditions of the most delicate, oldest and chronically ill kitties are a completely different story.

Joca’s eye injury was the first in a series of serious problems and started with a scratch on the cornea that quickly evolved into a corneal ulcer and he had to undergo eye surgery, using a third eyelid flap. The third eyelid was actually sewn shut over the eye to protect the cornea and promote healing, which was done in an attempt to save his eye and avoid enucleation.  When the sutures were removed, it turned out that not only has his eye has been saved, but there’s vision in that eye as well! Joca is living in the house at the moment, cuddly and sweet as always, he is still under treatment but the worst has thankfully passed.

The next to fall sick was Shalimar, my recently rescued Siamese. Found in terrible shape, he was bouncing back entirely too slowly and seemed to be nervous and uneasy whenever I tried to pick him up. It seemed kind of odd until it was discovered that the two huge scabs I found on his body were in fact two large abscesses. The vet said he probably got injured some time ago but his abscesses were passing unnoticed until they fully matured and were practically ready to burst. A lot of pus came out of them after squeezing, they were drained, cleaned and debrided. The skin was stitched and gauze sutured into both wounds to keep them sterile and to facilitate drainage, without using drainage tubes. His stitches were removed a few days ago and both of his wounds are healing nicely. One less thing to worry about…

But the biggest problems were yet to come. Out of five kitties that are facing serious health issues right now, four are the members of the squad I initially brought to the shelter when we moved here and although I knew this winter would be stressful, this is entirely too much! Kmeca has a number of life-threatening health conditions: a dangerous renal papillary necrosis, kidney stones, sand, liver and duct bile problems, a wound of her tongue, some viral disease, inflamed gums, an unidentified mass in her colon… She is bone skinny, with seriously compromised kidney function and anything could happen at any moment.  Frca is heartbreakingly weak as well and it is suspected she has a pancreatic disease, but although she is being given medicine and special food, things don’t look very promising. We’re taking it one day at a time as it’s all we can do with both of those fragile beauties.

Marka and Kus Kus, a couple of oldies but goodies are struggling with the usual difficulties of the elderly, more or less – Marka has some bone and joint problems of the elderly (which is not a surprise considering she is over 18) and refuses to eat when her condition is painful. Kus Kus is having gum problems again which is nothing new though, as it has been happening to him on and off for years now.  After a major crisis he went through two years ago, he still hangs on, brave and dignified.

Njanja’s mysterious problem is still unsolved, mostly because he is not showing any other symptoms apart from being thin. It has been going on for months and there must be some underlying cause to his gaunt look but we haven’t yet succeeded in discovering what it is.

Circumstances have reached emergency level! Vet bills keep piling up, the special food costs a fortune and the fight for their lives has just begun. Please, consider donating whatever you possibly can to help these amazing felines recover!

Every donation, regardless of size, is of immense value and gratefully received as they all add up and really make a difference for these valiant furry fighters! On their behalf, thank you in advance!






















DSC08341_resize - NJANJA


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