England: Memories of The Live Animal Export Trade – Then and Now.





Onderwater Dover 2nd May 2013

Above – Dutch Haulier Carrying Live UK Sheep for Export – 2nd May 2013.

As you probably know; (see ‘About Us’) the export, transport and trade in live animals has always been a massive ‘gripe’ of mine for the last 25 years or so.  It is still as strong as ever and we are currently working with EU national authorities in some member states to hopefully bring about some prosecutions in the near future.

For this reason, only a certain amount of time can be given to SAV at the moment.  We will attempt to keep on top of the ‘SAV’ situation, but for us, the live export work is also very important.

Below you will find a copy of something which was written by great friend and fellow anti-export campaigner Jane; who is here in Kent, England, the same location as us.  I have known Jane for almost all the past 25 years of anti export campaigning and I can say that this girl has my un-devoted respect and admiration for everything she has undertaken to oppose the trade in live animal exports for so many years.  Thank you Jane.  The poster produced by Jane below sums up everything that needs to be said – for me personally it was witnessing small baby animals suffering in the back of livestock transporters heading for Europe many, many years ago.

Here are Jane’s words below.  Many good people and fellow campaigners have now passed on, but they are still remembered by us all in our own ways for the devotion they gave to the fight against the export trade. 

Mark – SAV Founder – Kent, England April 2014.


 trailer 6 sept 1


Love J xx

Today, the 20th April marks the 19th anniversary of the resumption of live exports in Dover. Strong and passionate feelings against this vile trade were shown with many people giving up their freedom, maybe only for a day for most but several were remanded and then others spent months banned from Dover. It didn’t work as that just made three demo sites. A solid core of good people at all 3 places still worked together to fight the barbarity that passed by us daily and then we all felt the brunt of the excessive policing.. Excessive is putting it mildly !

Where is everyone now ? So many have passed away, They are not forgotten and are all missed and remembered . , It doesn’t matter the capacity in which they stepped forward or campaigned in, everyone was important and each did what they felt they could to add to the campaign. Some campaigned in a very forward way but for some, standing on the front line and even standing next to people they didn’t know took all their strength. – and that was before the convoy of masses of police and the many, many livestock transporters of calves and sheep came by. All brave people and always remembered…
Where is everyone now ? Unless you are involved with actively caring for rescued animals (you will be too busy) please think back and try to attend at some point. First Saturday in the month at Dover and next shipment most likely Ramsgate. The Dover date is a permanent date so nearly everyone should be able to make it once a year .

Some of us had previous experience with the ferry company campaigns but we didn’t expect the support in those days. 1995 showed that support could be gained and people were willing to come along and stand up (or sit down) for change. It was so heartwarming and very emotional to meet so many like-minded people

Some of us are still there .  That day changed something in our lives and we knew that was it – no turning back ……

The price of sheep in English markets took a slight drop in price this week (April 2014). Be warned now, if this lowers more then the ‘Joline’ could be on the move quicker than the seasonal expectation.

Thank you to a supporter in France for the picture. U know who u are ! xx
A big big thank you to everyone who physically attends. It is so important.


Watch old footage from the early Dover protest days, and more recent protest videos (and actions !) at both Dover and Ramsgate ports, Kent, England, here: 
































Serbia: More Petition Support and Letters to Authorities Required – Please Act – See Below for Details.

Serbian  Flag


SAV Comment: Please ensure you sign the petition below and cross post to all your friends and contacts – Thanks.


Dear supporters,

I, again, have to send a short reminder to everybody who signed this petition to please FORWARD it to your friends, family, colleagues and anybody who loves and cares about the animals.

The fact is that the city, kill shelter WILL BE OPENED again while the 550 dogs from a no-kill, private shelter WILL BE MOVED to kill pounds across Serbia.

I am sure people who LOVE animals will SIGN this petition to give these animals a voice BEFORE the horror pictures of inhumane treatment of animals in Subotica’s city shelter start circulating and then it WILL BE too late.

We are AGAINST the opening of a city, kill shelter and AGAINST the closure of a no-kill, private shelter “Alex”.

Please, also send direct email to the authorities who btw still haven’t responded to this petition.

Sample letter and email addresses are provided here: http://love-is-an-animal.blogspot.nl/2014/04/authorities-attempt-to-close-alex.html  

Thank you very much!


petition pic

This message was sent by Andrea Sreiber using the Change.org system.

View the petition 


City shelter "Death Camp" will be reopened again





USA: Mercy For Animals Canada reveals heartbreaking cruelty to baby calves at one of the largest veal producers in North America.



SAV Comment:

Why there should NEVER be such a thing as Ag Gag – this would be what the producers wish to hide under such ‘protection’ yukspeak.

See the video by clicking on this link immediately below. 

A breaking undercover investigation

by Mercy For Animals Canada reveals heartbreaking cruelty to baby calves at one of the largest veal producers in North America.

While working undercover, the investigator documented:

  • Workers violently kicking, punching, and throwing baby animals
  • Calves crammed into feces-covered wooden boxes barely larger than their own bodies, often chained by the neck, unable to even turn around or lie down comfortably for their entire lives
  • Animals painfully stuck in the wooden slats of their crates
  • Sick and injured animals left to suffer and slowly die in their own filth without proper veterinary care

Calves are highly intelligent and social animals who deserve better than a life of intensive confinement on a factory farm. In nature, these calves would be nursing from their mothers, frolicking in the sun, and playing with other calves. On veal factory farms like this, baby calves are deprived of everything that makes life even remotely worth living.

Veal crates are recognized as inherently so cruel they have been banned in eight U.S. states, Australia, New Zealand, and the entire European Union. Ohio banned the use of veal crates following another investigation by Mercy For Animals in 2010 at Buckeye Veal Farm. That MFA investigation also led Costco Wholesale, the third-largest grocery chain in America, to adopt a policy against purchasing veal from calves confined in crates.

Mercy For Animals is now calling on the Retail Council of Canada, which represents all of the major grocery chains in the country, to implement a new policy that prohibits the cruel confinement of calves in restrictive veal crates for all of its member grocery supply chains — a policy already supported by Costco, Metro, and Sobeys.

Please click here to sign the petition. Then, share the undercover investigation with friends, family, and colleagues and encourage them to take action as well.

And after you have asked the Retail Council to take a stand against this blatant animal abuse, please consider further helping calves and other farmed animals by exploring a diet free of eggs, dairy, and meat.


Nathan Runkle

Executive Director

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