England: Nottingham March for World Day for Animals in Labs – 26/4/14.





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England: Thank You For Positive Comment and Endless Support.



Hi all;

And thank you to everyone who has left comments on the site.  Unfortunately, we cannot respond personally to every comment, especially those relating to the structure of the site.  I did put something out recently which was a general post which may help many starters with a few ideas – this is the link:


We are spinning plates at the moment as we are massively involved with live animal transport work here in the EU – and this is keeping us very busy without putting anything into SAV.  But we are trying to keep this site going also although not as much as we normally would.

You can see the latest post on memories of the live animal export trade from here in the UK at: https://serbiananimalsvoice.com/2014/04/23/england-memories-of-the-live-animal-export-trade-then-and-now/

There are lots of good video clips showing lots of dedicated animal people fighting the trade here at the English ports.  It is this work which we are now involved with as always and are currently up to our necks in – but we love it !

Our thoughts are always with our Australian friends who are fighting an endless battle out there against the trade in animal abuse which the government calls ‘live exports’.  You will win, no doubt about it; just as we are witnessing the final nails going into the UK export coffin here at the moment.  There is no need for animal suffering in such volume as with the live export trade.

So thank you for all your comments and suggestions; each are read and noted – and in the norm, many are very supportive of the site and what we are doing.

Keep on keeping on !!

Regards Mark

SAV Founder

Kent, England UK.


See pictures of lovely historic Kent, our home county – the ‘Garden of England’, at



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 I dont know who this picture is by, but I love it !!