UK: Final Push To Stop EU Bullfight Breeding Subsidies – UK Supporters Use Link Below.


For UK campaigners only use the ‘George Osborne’ contact below.  Other EU supporters in other EU states must use their own national representative in this action.

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Dear Mark,

On Wednesday 28th October, the European Parliament voted overwhelmingly for an amendment that could stop taxpayers’ money from supporting farmers who rear bulls to be tortured and killed in bullfights.

This victory was only possible because of people like you taking action and ensuring that our elected representatives know the strength of public feeling against bullfighting.

The reason why I am writing to you today Mark, is because despite this crucial vote, the deal is not quite done.

This amendment will now be considered by a joint committee of MEPs and government Ministers from across the EU. George Osborne is our (UK)  representative on this committee.

For it to be adopted the Ministers will have to debate and agree to the change. If they ignore it then it will fail, and the subsidies will keep being paid.

With one final push YOU can ensure that EU subsidies for bullfighting stop

Please contact George Osborne and ask him to lead the way on this as the Minister responsible, and for him to encourage Finance Ministers in other EU countries to support the amendment.

Thank you so much for your support.

Kind regards,

Mark McCormick

Senior Communications Officer

 LACSLACS stop the subsideisLACS 2LACS 4


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