Global: Animal Petitions and More.


Animal petitions and more – 12/11/15.

Please note; There may be the odd link that does not work, but hopefully the majority of them are ok – SAV.

 Thursday, November 12, 2015 Zip=5 digits. Ranchers who sell beef to Whole Foods Market are behind the largest mustang roundup of 2015-2016, now underway in southern Oregon. Tell Whole Foods that it should not provide a market for meat supplied by ranchers who graze sheep and cattle in wild horse and burro Herd Management Areas (HMAs)! Urgently request the Finance Minister Jeroen Dijsselbloem to vote against EU subsidies for Bullfighting Univ. of Tennessee Chattanooga, End the Use of Live Animals for Medical Student Training Under the guise of conservation, it has emerged that Swaziland is seeking to sell 18 elephants to zoos in the USA. Their argument: If the transfer is not approved, they will have to be culled

Belgium.  Animal Police in each municipality and a stricter approach towards animal cruelty More sign. needed. Help ban fox hunting in Scotland for good WTF Hormel? Your high-speed slaughter factories are harming Worker Safety, Animal Welfare, the Environment, and Public Health  After signing (ingresa), click on inicio, to scroll down for other petitions Against “Wild Island” on TV, ProSieben! – (killing animals) to survive, for amusement. Confirm please New petitions Needs more attention Spain. Torremolinos. In defense of animal rights and research policy makers, investigation needed Turkey. Animal Protection Association, improve the animal ‘shelters’ Turkey. Stop destroying the habitat of wild animals, stop ‘punishing’ them searching for food during winter at ​​human settlements, apply law 5199, the animal protection law Turkey. Stop dumping dogs in the middle of nowhere, without food, water, medical care, neutering 7 Cats died, intervention came too late, provide 24-hour veterinary work Imprisonment for the torture and killing of dogs and cats in China  Dominican republic. Severe penalty for the cruel killing of two dogs in the city of Monte Cristi Switzerland. Elanco: do not euthanize 800 animals Brazil. Approve Bill 1738/2011, providing vaccinations and treatment against canine leishmaniasis, to end the compulsory killing of infected animals Spain. Ban the sale of animals on sales pages such as Ecuador. Investigate the killing of native wildlife, made possible by Oil co./roads Increase actions of care and preservation of our important areas in the Rep. Dominicana Reverse the decision of the OFWC (Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission) to remove the gray wolf from the list of species in danger! Diesel Florida bears Pets are family too! Sign to stop NYS landowners from preventing us from rescuing, adopting and owning a pet

                   =========   News and more   ========= Hunting of wolves in Sweden will commence on the 2nd January 2016. A governmental decision based purely on political motives to appease the farming vote and the hunter’s money. It is in direct contrast with the EU rules on hunting a protected species.This callous behavior has resulted in Sweden facing heavy fines. In the end it is the tax paying public that will be forking out the penalties for the actions of their government


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