Urgent action: ask the EU to challenge China on torture.

FT robbed resistors

Urgent action: ask the EU to challenge China on torture

The pressure on China is growing with more than 1,000 signatures in a few days and the UN’s Committee Against Torture due to issue its report on China very soon.

The European Union now has an opportunity to build the pressure even further by challenging China over torture at a crucial meeting on Monday.

Can you help us urge EU officials to highlight torture at the meeting? Time is short because the EU has only just confirmed that its next “EU-China Human Rights Dialogue” will take place on 30 November.

Last week China claimed to the UN that it doesn’t allow torture in Tibet – our research proves that this is far from the truth.

Unfortunately, torture hasn’t been discussed at the dialogue meetings for more than three years: the EU must confront China over torture now.


Please send an email to the head of the European External Action Service (the EU’s “foreign ministry”) to ask her to ensure that torture is high on the agenda for the meeting on 30 November.

D Lama Tibet

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