How Far Do You Go ?

Thus Phadra speaks in the tragedy of Euripides “Hippolytus”:

“And lack of knowledge does not seem to me the cause of the evil to be Because proper insight and understanding Possess many –but this is the case:

We know and recognize the right and the good,

However, we do not do it-The one from comfort,

The others, because they want for some other affections To sacrifice the virtue”.

This gives us an explanation why we do not act morally, although we already know what is good. Because, when you look at the everyday crimes of people, it becomes clear that knowledge alone cannot move human beings to moral action. We know very much, we never had so much information about good and evil as today. Every day, there are undercover investigations in the public media, in the Internet, in the newspapers.

But we still act immorally. This proves that knowledge alone is not enough to move people to a moral action. But I consider it as an incomplete explanation. I am firmly convinced that not the knowledge, but the moral conviction, can move people to moral action.

There are many people who believe that animals must not be tortured. If one believes in it but does not act on it, then this conviction is not solid enough. And if the belief is not strong, then any good theory is useless.


The evidence for the strength of your beliefs is the strength of your actions.

When our children or grandchildren ask why we have not prevented the eradication of the primates or the suffering of animals, we can answer: “because we were cowardly and incapable of putting our moral convictions into practice. Maybe you can do it better “

Best Regards to all



(the literary version)

Not in man’s knowledge, not in wisdom, lies

The lack that makes for sorrow. Nay, we scan

And know the right—for wit bath many a man—

But will not to the last end strive and serve.

For some grow too soon weary, and some swerve

To other paths, setting before the Right

The diverse far-off image of Delight:

(Gilbert Murray, 1911)

The evidence for the strength of your beliefs is the strength of your actions.



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