Hold Back Your Tears ! – Adorable Little Girl Gets A New Kitten And Cries Tears Of Joy.



Adorable little girl meets kitten for the first time and cries tears of pure joy!! – Marley & Ella

A nine-year-old girl cried tears of joy when she came home from a friend’s house one day and found a tiny black kitten in her bedroom.

All this happened last summer when Marley’s mother, Nikki, brought home a black kitten that was found under her friend’s porch with her sibling. It was believed that their mother had been killed on the road. The little black kitty was a mini version of Marley’s best friend Simon the cat, who sadly had passed away the year before.

“Marley’s a big animal lover. She’s always putting her change in the donation cans at the pet supply store, and we already have two dogs, two cats and a guinea pig in our family,” explained Nikki. “Our elderly black cat Simon had passed away the year before and she’d been asking for a kitten since.”




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