Greek: how the fur mafia cocks EU-money up!


For a business that does not work, the Greek government (a left, by the way) wants to receive subsidies from the EU and continue to keep the fur farms alive at all costs.

Greece is not alone guilt! As long as the EU subsidizes such horror farms with our money, corruption and crime against animals on this continent will always be in demand.

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Sad Japan to resume whale murder.


Sad Japan to resume whale murder.

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Boycott everything Japanese please – they deserve no better.



how the “others” feel…


After watching the video, we know one thing for sure: we are dealing with individuals, with intelligent, sensitive, sentient beings who honestly and generously give their joy, love, solidarity to the returning little one.

This video is the answer to the often asked question from the Philosophers and God’s servants: do animals have a soul?

The first step towards downgrading the animals to the commodity level is due to the theory and conviction of the Church.

“Animals have no soul, animals have only instincts and are therefore automatically not equal to the human beings who dispose of mind and soul – given by God”!

This theory is only a means to legitimize injustice and exploitation of animals. That’s ridiculous and outdated. For today we know that animals can feel and suffer, and that is the principle that commits us to moral action towards animals, not the argument “soul”.

I abhor any philosopher or religious theory that claims that animals are not equivalent to humans because the measure of all things is man.
Humanity must finally realize that human beings, is just one of one million animal species, and the most of other animals beings are extremely sensitive and compassionate individuals, many of whom even have an awareness of death.

I reject the difference between humans and animals, I find that even dangerous.
And I therefore distance myself sharply from all religions, parties and theories, as far as they violate the life interests of the animal, passive or active.

My best regards, Venus