A Message From Venus and Mark.

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A Message From Venus and Mark (Founders – WAV / SAV).


USA: Udder Flaming and Forced Feeding – USA Reaches the Bottom Pit In Dairy Animal Abuse.


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Udder flaming is a dairy farming practice where workers run blowtorches under the udders of cows to burn off their little hairs. This helps to facilitate the work of the sucking machines designed to imitate a calf and trick the cows bodies into giving milk.

This cruel practice is common on many dairy farms in the United States and can obviously be very painful. We must also take into account the mental aspect of placing fire near cows who are, like many animals, naturally terrified of fire.

Besides udder flaming, this shocking video from Animal Recovery Mission (ARM) reveals other cruel practices that happen in dairy farms such as separating mothers from their babies, force-feeding, beating with sharp devices and more.

This undercover investigation by ARM was held at McArthur Dairy in Okeechobee, Florida (owned by Dean Foods). Overall, ARM investigated 5 different dairy farms in Okeechobee, exposing a pattern of horrible treatment of cows and calves.

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