A Christmas Tale.

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amazon planet lungs

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Well Christmas is just over, so we must pay homage to the three dim fire men of this world – :

The dim men came from different lands.

After they had all heard about the raging fires for which they were responsible, in the East, they all went on their way, and the smoke from all their government induced fires they had seen in the east lay en mass ahead of them, until it stopped over the places where the fires burned and all the animals were dying – places called Amazonia and Australia.


morrison fire 3

The 3 dim men each had in their hands, lots of gifts for the lobbyists of these places, of coal, coal, and yet more coal which had been mined under immense pressure from those same lobbyists, and which went completely against what the wise men eco environmentalists had been saying – fossil fuels and animal farts contribute to global warming; so why mine coal and farm animals in Amazonia for meat production ?.

As always, the 3 dim men ignored yet again the sayings of the wise men environmentalists and went with those known as ‘political lobbyists’, money people; after all; and as politicians the 3 dim men are only interested in finance; nothing else matters.

That is why the world views them as the dim men; destroyers of the world.

trump environment 2.jpg

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