Switzerland: The black list!



Picture above:
Terrorism in Switzerland since 2010
Injured: 0
Dead: 0

Picture below:
Hunting in Switzerland since 2010
Injured: 5.437
Dead: 62

Every 29 hours there is an accident and every 3.5 months a death occurs due to hunting

As of: 2017 // https://wildbeimwild.com/die-liste/

My best regards to all and gut night, Venus



One Response

  1. I have repeatedly published articles in the press that talk about hunting in Switzerland, considering the great topic in reference to the modification of the relative law.
    Thanks the referendum, it will now have to be voted on by the people in a few months.
    I received several free insults, anonymous letters where they wished me to be attacked by ravenous wolves etc.
    Anyhow, I will continue to say that hunting is NOT a sport but an act of crime (and should be severely punished!)
    Last year people died, but also hunting dogs… hit by bullets “escaped” from the control of idiots excited as animals in heat.

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